Hungur Magazine #9, November 2009… (Now Available!)

Vampires get your fangs ready! I’ve got a story in the latest issue of Hungur Magazine, No. #9.  Fall 2009.  Edited by Terrie Leigh Relf, and published by Sam’s Dot.  If you think the Obama Administration or any administration is safe from a vampire threat, think again! It’s an issue you won’t want to miss.  Because this issue… The Vampires are running the show.


Late Fall 2009 – Issue #9




Bloodletting works by: Tyree Campbell, Lawrence Dagstine, Scot Coon, William Marden, Lawrence Barker, Dev Jarrett, John H. Stevens, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Jared W. Vickery, J. Jay Waller, Lawrence Buentello, Allan Wise, Marge Simon, Brian Rosenberger, G.O. Clark, Debby Feo, Terrie Leigh Relf, Tom Galusha, Justin Bohardt, and illustrations also by Marge Simon.

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SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical SF… (Now on Radio!)

The most promising-filled anthology of science fiction is now available from Cowboy Logic Press, and it’s slowly creeping up in bookstores.  With over 110,000 words and 24 stories set in futuristic societies, post-apocalyptic dystopias, and more! Featuring pro authors such as Steven J. Dines and David Thorpe (Harper Collins Children’s Books). It’s also available on Amazon.

SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction

Published by Cowboy Logic Press; Edited by Dudgeon

Last I looked, the book was riding at around 900,000 on Amazon; I’d like to see that number drop below the 100,000 mark again.  I’d especially like to congratulate one of the book’s authors who helped get SATIRICA carried in the state of Wyoming and has been interviewed on radio.  Major thanks go out to Bill Housley, who can be friended at: 

Other promotion efforts include the Midwest, Canada (British Columbia & Winnipeg), Great Britain, and NYC locals Jason K. Chapman and Myself.  But Bill, nobody’s done a better job so far than you.  Thank you!

Bill Housley in the Unita County Herald: 

Bill Housley on Evanston Radio:

Bill Housley is the author of the very topical piece, “Another Man’s Terrorist”.  A science fiction writer, he can often be found at Jim Baen’s place (the JBU slush). 

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Aoife’s Kiss, March 2009… (acceptance)

Fiction acceptance No. 296 comes late this evening — and yet again — to Aoife’s Kiss, only this new story of mine, about a supernatural artist, won’t appear until March 2009.  Yeah, next year.  Aoife’s Kiss is a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction, put out by Sam’s Dot:


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence Dagstine

Aoife’s Kiss #22, September 2007 (Pet):


Subscribe Here:

I have a lot of acceptances to this one publication. Watch for stories of mine in their March 2008, June 2008, and December 2008 issues, too.  Then, followed up by 2009.  As I may have said on more than one occasion on this blog, Sam’s Dot Publishing will also be putting out my very first short story collection some time later this year.

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Written Word Magazine… (2nd acceptance)

Acceptance No. 290 comes to ‘Written Word Online Magazine‘, and this will be my second appearance within the webzine’s pages.  My first time was back around August or September 2007, with a story called Planned Parenthood.   This time, I should be making my return later in the year, and I may be working on other stories with the web magazine for possible future publication.  A couple of necessary rewrites.  Busy, busy, busy…




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Sam’s Dot Publishing (Aoife’s Kiss; 5th acceptance!)

It’s happened again, folks.  And in a short period of time.  I’ve just received my 5th Print Acceptance to Sam’s Dot Publishing’s Spec-Fic Magazine, Aoife’s KissThis month you can find me in their quarterly “September” Issue with a story called “PET.


I have other news, too, the Aoife’s Kiss-Sam’s Dot Publishing Short Story Collection might contain my later stories (meant to appear in March 2008, June 2008, and December 08).  Not the magazine component.  This means that they’ll appear exclusively in the collection instead.  For more info on Sam’s Dot Publishing, simply go here:


For Aoife’s Kiss click here:

For Aoife’s Kiss Submission Guidelines:

I can’t give out too many details quite yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted as to the status of the collection, future print or online issues of any Sam’s Dot Publishing productions I’m in, and more!

Lawrence R. Dagstine 😉

Sein Und Werden Vol. 2, No. 2… (Now Available!)

The Autumn 2007 Issue of Rachel Kendall’s UK-based magazine, SEIN UND WERDEN, is now available for purchase.  Volume 2, Issue #2.  Themed Issue…”Clowns & Ghosts”.  My story would be a ghost story.  There’s TWO VERSIONS to this magazine.  One is an online version with tons of great authors, and the other is a special print version with tons of great authors as well. 

I’m in the print version with, “The Nightmare of Bayhurst”. 


Go here:

With fiction by: Peter Tennant, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Jeff Crouch, Emma Lee, Kenneth Mulvey, Dan Smith, Serena Spinello, Tim Horvath, S Musick, David Mclean, Steven Pirie, Rhonda Carrier, Mark Howard Jones, Alexis Child, Ken Klinger, Peter Schwartz, Brent Powers, Willie Smith, John Brewer, Rob Plath, Spyros Heniadis, Sean Kilpatrick, Bendi Barrett, Jason Hereux, and Phil Doran.

Artwork for Vol. 2, No. 2 by S Musick and John Brewer

eyeam1bysmusick.jpg  ghostbyjohnbrewer.jpg

I urge you to pick up a copy.  These are some hot names in the UK’s short fiction market, and who can resist stories about clowns and ghosts? The art is fantastic! Get yours now or just click on the link below:

Aoife’s Kiss #22… Sept. 2007 (Now Available!)

Issue #22 of Aoife’s Kiss is now available, September 07.  This will be my first appearance out of four over the next 15 months… And guess who made the cover? 😉


I’ll also be coming to the March, June, and December 2008 print issues.  This issue’s line-up is pretty impressive; plenty of fiction and poetry, too.


Fiction, Poetry, and Illustrations by: Laura Sanger Kelly, Sharon Maria Bidwell, David M. Fitzpatrick, H. Ann Dyess, Tyree Campbell, Skadi meic Beorg, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Domyelle Rhyse, John McDonnell, Beth Langford, Jonathan Moeller, Lawrence Barker, Christine L. Golden, Tim Scott, Kim McDougall, Rachel Swirsky, Neal Wilgus, Modena DeBrosse, Rich Magahiz, Caitlin M. Mattison, Tracie McBride, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Shelly Bryant, M. Frost: Temple, and Teresa Tunaley…

 Available for order or subscription through THE GENRE MALL:


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Surprising Stories #15… Sept. 2007 (appearances)

If you missed my Lewis Carroll time-traveling romp in the August Silverthought, you can catch it again this month, for September 2007, in the online Surprising StoriesOnline Issue #15, and I’ve appeared here about a dozen times over the last few years. 



Surprising Stories is a tri-annual and put together by John Thiel, who also happens to be the editor and publisher of one of today’s “longest-running” and “still-existing” black-and-white science fiction & fantasy FANZINES.  Remember fanzines, folks? Well, the fanzine component of Surprising Stories is called PABLO LENNIS, and that’s where I made my start in 1996.  I think it’s been around since the 1970’s or 1980’s, and on a monthly basis.

Anyway, this special edition of Surprising Stories has fiction & poetry by: Joanne Tolson, Herbert J. Baker, Gary Every, Mel Waldmen, Steve Sneyd, Lawrence Dagstine and more…

Aoife’s Kiss, December 2008… (4th print acceptance!)

Wow.  Today would mark my 4th Print Acceptance into Aoife’s Kiss (published by Sam’s Dot Publishing), and when it comes to paying prints, four would be the record for a single magazine.  December 2008 is a good ways off, of course, but there are only so many slots per quarterly issue in a magazine, and being able to fill or snag most of them (even if they’re small press, even if a few are reprints) is a nice feeling.  But there’s more… So please bear with me.  In the meantime, here are links below to learn more about Aoife’s Kiss:


(sample issue w. Robert Reed below)


For Aoife’s Kiss Guidelines:

For Sam’s Dot Publishing Info:

Lawrence Dagstine’s Upcoming Appearances in Aoife’s Kiss: September 2007, March 2008, June 2008, and December 2008 (may go in collection, this one).

Ah, yes, the “more” part.  Sam’s Dot Publishing is interested in doing a collection with me.  A short story collection.  Whether these are previous appearances, all new stories, horror or scifi, themed or unthemed, I don’t know yet.  But there is talk of a short story collection.  I think the latest accepted tale might actually go in there, too.

However, if so, I probably wouldn’t start it until 2008.  My kid is less than a week old, and he needs me right now (also, for the fact, my nights have been sleepless!).  Oh, and if you haven’t had a chance yet, please be sure to check out “Unplanned Parenthood” for a peek at the little guy.  😉

Yours Truly,

Lawrence R. Dagstine

Silverthought Press… (appearance)

My alternate history tale, “Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine”, is now up in the August 2007 edition (online update), of Silverthought:

silverthought.jpg  bookstoreignition01.jpg

That Link Again:

This is my 57th Acceptance to Silverthought Press over the years.  They’re not just a site for good, entertaining speculative fiction, but headed up by professional editor Paul Evan Hughes, they are many other things as well.  They’re a book press, offering the finest line-up of modern SF/transgressive titles.  They have FREE CONTESTS where you can win a lot of cool stuff, such as free books from their library.  They’re also a place for writers, and they have peer review and critiquing groups which help writers grow in their craft.  Like I said, I’ve been there a few years myself. 

Some of their most recent titles include: ‘A Dark and Deadly Valley’ (by Mike Heffernan), ‘The Trinity’ (by David LaBounty), and ‘Chaise’ (by Becci Noblit Goodall).  I also appear in their IPPY Award-Nominated Antho, ‘Silverthought Ignition Anthology’ with two stories, entitled: “Zombie Mountain” and “Let’s Play God”.  The award nominations there speak for itself, as do their fine line-up of writers.

In other news, my fiancee’s water broke a few hours ago at her parent’s house.  I’m on my way to the hospital come daybreak, so this will be my last entry here for a good month.

Wish me luck, and hopefully if all is well you will get to see me and my son soon…

Until my next update…

Lawrence R. Dagstine  🙂

Escape Velocity – Fall 2007… (coming soon; teasers)

Coming late this Fall, from Adventure Books of Seattle, ESCAPE VELOCITY. Featuring some of today’s hottest and finest “growing” names in the field of science fiction.  If this is the sneak preview for the cover (teaser art), I’ll shit on myself.  This one’s going to have a decent circulation and line-up, too, and be available in bookstores, including Borders. 


Coming Soon from Adventure Books of Seattle:

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The Fifth Di… (December 2007; acceptance)

And they keep coming…Another paying acceptance, small press and this time a reprint, to the December 2007 issue of Sam’s Dot Publishing’s Online Zine, “The Fifth Di…”  J. Alan Erwine and Tyree Campbell put together some quality small press ezines and anthos such as Aoife’s Kiss, The Martian Wave, and of course, The Fifth Di…


I’ll also be appearing in their September 2007 Issue with ‘The Butterfly idealists’, an older story.  (I have about 15 to 20 stories coming out this Fall alone, then more straight through early 2009).  In other news, my blog-turned website viewings have increased.  It is usually never this high.  Strange but “creepy”, seeing that this website is dedicated to my family, the love of prose, and the small press.  Anyway, stay tuned to this blog for upcoming news on me, writing, science fiction, family, the enigma (lol), and more.  😉

Written Word Magazine #4… (August 2007)

The August 2007 Issue of Written Word Online Magazine ( is coming out in a few more days.  I’m in this month’s edition with a story about parenting an orphan robot girl.  A deadly robot girl.  “Planned Parenthood“.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll work on a longer version to this story down the road.  With my whole inner ear out of wack right now (yeah, vertigo sucks), and my Internet time limited because of it, well, my writing’s been pretty much on the backburner. 


That Link Again:

Written Word has featured such authors as Gary Beck, Rick Novy, Eric S. Brown, Kristine Ong Muslim, Vera Searles, Karen L. Newman, and more.  They’ve become pretty popular, switching to a monthly or bimonthly format. 

The idea and inspiration for my story, Planned Parenthood, came about around December of last year, when I learned my fiancee was pregnant.  And speaking of parenthood… Only two-to-three weeks to go… My son will be here! I am worried though, as the baby turned “breech” on us.  There are risks involved.  Preparing for the birth has taken up a lot of my time.  I’ll have an “Unplanned Parenthood” column on the right-hand side down the road, and this new blog website of mine will also grow into my family homepage.

So stay tuned and watch some great things grow with it.  🙂

Sein Und Werden… (acceptance)

Just got an acceptance into Rachel Kendall’s magazine, Sein Und Werden.  I’ll have a short story in either the print or online version(s); won’t know which one though until sometime before or after August 20th.  



Sein Und Werden is a UK-based publication.  The magazine usually features fiction of a surrealistic, existential, literary bent.  But the issue I’ll be in is a “themed” issue.  Ghosts and Clowns.  My story, of course, will be a ghost story.

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #16 (appearance)

Here’s a magazine which I highly recommend, put out by Stephen Theaker.  It’s from the UK.  Print.  Available through LULU.   It’s called “Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction“.  I appear in Issue #16 with a short SF piece, called, “Our Plight on Amaros”.


You can buy your copy here:


Route 66… (acceptance, and plug!)

Just had a short (and I mean short) accepted to Route 66, a new upcoming magazine with a slightly new and innovative theme.  Stories that can fit inside your pocket… Stories that are exactly 66 words in length… No more, no less.  Talk about a written exercise.  It took me about 2 hours to chop words for my accepted tale, entitled: “The Mortician’s Pride.”

Kimberly Raiser, talented and refreshing author-turned editor, is looking for submissions for the premiere issue, and I promised I’d give her a little plug.  Route 66 will accept any genre and debut in Early 2008.  Can you write a story in exactly 66 words?


Route 66 Details/Guidelines:

Route 66 Submissions:

Kinships #7 (Now Available; Final Issue)

I’m currently in the latest and final issue of Kinships Magazine.  Issue #7.  I headline the last issue with a much older religious SF story, called: “Men are from Ganymede, Women are from Callisto.” This is actually my THIRD credit with the story. It originally appeared in Silverthought ( first, then Nova SF #18 not too long after.  So I now retire it within the pages of this cute little small press paying publication.



I know, the magazine cover’s a little slanted.  Anyway, this issue also features fiction and poetry by Jason Gaskell, Kristine Ong Muslim, Aurelio Rico Lopez, Lee Clark Zumpe, and many others.  Hmm… I see they misspelled my name on their index homepage… 😦

Purpleverse #1 and #2 (Now Available!)

Darren Randle puts together this fabulous cutting edge horror fiction and dark poetry and art magazine, available now, called Purpleverse.  P.S. Gifford, Faye Sizemore, Alexis Child, Barry J. House, Georgepat, and many others from both here, in the States, and also in the UK. Purpleverse #1 and #2.  Issue #2, with the cool-looking killer clown cover, was just released a few weeks ago.  It features my story: “A Mountain of Sacrificial Souls.”


Check out Purpleverse and their other publications and horror forums here:


Jupiter SF #17, Callirrhoe… (now available!)

These last few weeks have been BIG for me with the whole slew of acceptances and all.  It is my pleasure to announce that I’m in Jupiter SF, Issue #17, Callirrhoe…now available…

Cover Art for Jupiter SF #17 by Jesse Speak; Edited by Ian Redman.


It’s truly a great cover, ain’t it?

Featuring my science fiction story, “A Soul to the Stars”.  This story is dedicated to my unborn son (if you happen to read the climax to it, you’ll get an idea why).  Ian Redman’s been putting this popular small press, hard sf publication together for over 4 years.  This is also my fourth appearance in the publication’s history (see June 2007 archive).  If you would like to order the magazine or learn more, go here:

Here are ALL covers for ALL issues featuring my stories (past and present):

jupiter12.jpg jupiter13.jpg

jupiter15.jpg carrlihoe.jpg

That URL for Jupiter SF again:

With that said, yep, it’s been a great few weeks.  Two appearances Tales of the Talisman, three appearances Aoife’s Kiss, appearances in The Martian Wave and The Fifth Di…, and stories of mine also coming soon to Written Word Online Magazine and Black Ink Horror.  Oh yeah, be sure to check out the plug for Escape Velocity and Whispers of Wickedness as well.  Simply scroll down, or check the June 2007 and July 2007 archives.

Until my next acceptance(s)… Yours Truly… ;)

Lawrence R. Dagstine