Aoife’s Kiss #22… Sept. 2007 (Now Available!)

Issue #22 of Aoife’s Kiss is now available, September 07.  This will be my first appearance out of four over the next 15 months… And guess who made the cover? 😉


I’ll also be coming to the March, June, and December 2008 print issues.  This issue’s line-up is pretty impressive; plenty of fiction and poetry, too.


Fiction, Poetry, and Illustrations by: Laura Sanger Kelly, Sharon Maria Bidwell, David M. Fitzpatrick, H. Ann Dyess, Tyree Campbell, Skadi meic Beorg, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Domyelle Rhyse, John McDonnell, Beth Langford, Jonathan Moeller, Lawrence Barker, Christine L. Golden, Tim Scott, Kim McDougall, Rachel Swirsky, Neal Wilgus, Modena DeBrosse, Rich Magahiz, Caitlin M. Mattison, Tracie McBride, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Shelly Bryant, M. Frost: Temple, and Teresa Tunaley…

 Available for order or subscription through THE GENRE MALL:


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