Health Update: Tumors of the Ear…

…Or, in this case, better known as Middle Ear Cancer.  I’m still in the dark myself — and awe — about recent events, and I’ve been doing my own research at night.  So I think it’s only fair that I provide some helpful links and photos, to help others better understand what’s going on.  However, I should say that I first started losing my hearing in my right ear in 2003.  At the time, I thought this was somehow related to my ethmoid sinuses.  It wasn’t.  And I’ve suffered now from an Inner Ear problem on both my left and right side since February 2007, another debilitating condition which I can add to the Epilepsy (diagnosed 1996).  I can’t help but feel that all of this is somehow connected.  My ENT thinks so, too. 

The other terrible condition: Meniere’s Disease.


Like Middle Ear Cancer, the symptoms of Meniere’s are very similar — except for the ear pain which is excruciating! — and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy; it’s said that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from it.  The symptoms for me, and I’m sure others, too, consist of the following: Tinnitus, Deafness in either one or both ears (for me, both), fullness or a “pressure” feeling on the affected side(s), a dizzying/foggy feeling in the forehead area of the affected side(s), occasional fatigue and memory  problems (at least for me), nausea and vomiting, and worst of all… VERTIGO!

The ear pain is recent, but vertigo is what makes this conditon horrible to live with.  And it’s not to be confused with regular dizziness or that “feeling of faintness”.  No, sir. Imagine you’re fine one minute, the next it feels like you’re on a carnival ride or a sinking ship… Imagine gravity around you ceases to exist and you hit the floor with a heavy shifting/spinning sensation… Imagine somebody kicking you in the side of the head and throwing your whole equilibrium off, upsetting your balance to the point where you vomit all over yourself and have to crawl with your face glued to the carpet.  Now you’re getting an idea of what I have to live with, and for well over a year.  There is an over-the-counter vitamin called Lipoflavonoids, and while there is NO cure, I have to take this supplement twice a day like my seizure meds.  The vitamin is a last resort to try and “sustain it.”  Once again, there is NO cure.

Middle Ear Tumors:

Now let’s throw in a skin growth shaped like a peanut-flavored M&M, on the right side — but keep in mind both my ears are screwed up — located between the middle and inner ear, and pressing on the auditory and vestibular nerves.  It is not benign, but I plan on getting a second opinion regardless.  I’m keeping a positive mind that another doctor will tell me it is pre-malignant.  Either way, a neurosurgeon is the guy who takes the growth out, and since I’m practically deaf already, one eardrum must go.  But it should be known that when it comes to ear tumors, the mortality rate is rather sketchy.  Like I said, trying to keep a positive mind where I’m at.

With that said, the next few months ahead will be filled with LOADS of doctor appointments and possibly going under the knife, but please stop by every so often.  I’ll have stories coming out in over a half-dozen anthologies, and such webzines and print magazines as: Polluto: The Anti-Pop Culture Journal, Midnight in Hell, Written Word, Sein Und Werden, Nova SF, Jupiter Science Fiction, Tales of the Talisman, Black Ink Horror, Aoife’s Kiss, The Willows, and many many more.

Much Love,

Lawrence R. Dagstine

Cited photos: Healthwise Incorporated, Northwestern University…

The Willows Magazine, May 2008… (Coming Soon!)

Are you a fan of Steampunk Horror or steampunk-related clothing and culture? Do you enjoy pulp SF or adventure stories? How about supernatural tales with a Turn-of-the-Century, Lovecraftian feel? Then check out THE WILLOWS! I’ll be Feature Author in their May 2008 Anniversary Issue.  With stories by Lawrence Dagstine, G.D. Falksen, Steven Shrewsbury, Andi Newton, and MORE! Edited by Ben Thomas and Skadi meic Beorh.


And congratulations to Frances Rowat for winning the story title contest!

Coming Late May-Early June 2008



Previous Issues STILL Available:

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Bloody October Anthology… (Coming Halloween!)

From the publishers of Midnight Horror and the folks behind Corpulent Sanity Press.  A new kind of anthology.  Ten fine writers.  Ten fine stories.  Ten to be revealed. 


An anthology inspired by the haunted season…

Edited by Christopher Allan Death


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Aoife’s Kiss, Late 2008/Early 2009.. (7th acceptance)

I’ve nabbed my 7th print magazine acceptance to Sam’s Dot Publishing — a teaser for my soon-to-be released short story collection.  This teaser story will appear in either late 2008 or early 2009, and in the magazine AOIFE’S KISS (edited by Tyree Campbell).  The teaser will coincide with the release date of my first short story collection.  A second collection is already completed, and a third is in the works. 




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Sein Und Werden, Summer 2008… (2nd acceptance)

Today’s acceptance is to Rachel Kendall’s very popular existentialist and surreal literature publication, Sein Und Werden.  Available in the UK.  They not only feature experimental prose, but artwork and poetry in their print version(s), too.  Each issue has featured renowned names in the British short story arena, and has its own unique theme.  Next issue’s theme is a “mathematical-meets-speculative” one, if I’m not mistaken (or ologies). The current issue is themed: Clandestine Encounters.

This would be my 2nd upcoming appearance…


Details Here:

Previous Issues featuring Lawrence Dagstine…


Happy Cinco de Mayo…! 

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Silverthought Press, May 2008… (acceptance)

My most recent acceptance comes to the May update of Silverthought Press Online, and it should last straight through the end of June.  In total, this would be my 59th acceptance with them — yes, that would be correct, fifty-nine — over the past three years.  Silverthought is not only an online webzine and peer review/writing discussion forum, but ALSO an independent publisher of high quality novels and anthologies.  They’re well known for breeding talent in the short story arena.  And they’re now a paying press, too. 

Silverthought Online; May 2008

May 2008’s update features fiction by: Kimberly Raiser, Gayla Chaney, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Thomas Henry Dylan, Isaiyan Morrison, Justin Oldham, Mike Philbin, Pavelle Wesser, and excerpts of David S. Grant’s new books and an exclusive interview with the author.

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SATIRICA Anthology – Press Release; Coming Soon!

“This anthology will be an irreverent look in the mirror for Mankind.”
-Cowboy Logic Press.


The darkest, most twisted speculative fiction anthology in the history of the known universe has now found a publisher! Satirica will be published in a hard cover edition by Cowboy Logic Press in SUMMER 2008, with paperback to follow in SUMMER 2009. Satirica will be printed in the UK and USA, and distributed through all the big names, including Ingram, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. It packs 110,000 words into over 300 pages, and includes 24 of the hippest stories by 20 of the hottest new authors in the field of speculative fiction. It will bend your perceptions of social reality to the breaking point, and you will never look upon contemporary society in quite the same way again.

A truly international collection, Satirica includes authors from Canada, the USA, Scotland, England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand, in a compilation of the very best of contemporary satire and social science fiction.


1. Imagine
The collection opens with a sublime alternate history by Edward Morris, in which we learn what our world would be like if Ronald Reagan had been assassinated by a disgruntled rock musician whose career he had destroyed.  

Previously published in Interzone.

2. Some Things Never Change

Tomas L. Martin takes us on a surprising journey into an alternate present, in which a young English soldier yearns for a glimpse of true sorcery in the war in Iraq; if he can survive the experience.

3. Perfection (convenient, chewable, indispensable)

In the first of two stories, David Thorpe offers up a disturbing and surreal satire filled with social commentary on multiple levels, far beyond its surface theme concerning designer drugs.

4. Aliens Attack!

R. J. Astruc provides us with a thought provoking examination of the senselessness of war, in which tiny green aliens fall like snow from the skies. But are their intentions peaceful or malevolent?

5. Thank You, Death Robot

A soldier returning from war abroad encounters and befriends a death robot. What happens when he discovers that it is responsible for his fiancee’s murder? Victor Giannini provides us with the startling answers in the first of his stories.

Previously published in Silverthought: Ignition, Silverthought Press.

6. The Babies at Nae-long

John Parke Davis offers up a dark examination of child soldiers in an Africa in which the Globalista forces have retreated from whence they came. But do those who remain any longer know what they are fighting for?

7. Another Man’s Terrorist

Two young freedom fighters seeking refuge behind the lines arrive upon a space station now in enemy hands. In a true satire for our times, Bill Housley describes a brother and sister’s struggle to escape from the shadow of their terrorist past.

8. All For One

In a quirky satire filled with social commentary, Steven J. Dines takes us on a journey through the future of road rage, and government efforts to quash it…sort of.

Previously appeared in Darker Matter.

9. Miss Gohrman’s Trip

Joshua Allen examines Miss Gohrman’s fate when the representatives of a newly formed police state knock upon her door. But are they any match for a little old lady whose favorite cat has just been killed?

10. The Book of New Man

In his first story, Dudgeon examines a world in which a young gang member struggles to understand the unfortunate truth, that religion truly is an “opiate for the masses.”

Previously published by silverthought on-line.

11. Printed Matter

In a tale of psychological horror, Gary Cuba examines the unusual life of a bibliophile who is prevented from reading by an extreme form of dyslexia, and the lengths to which he is willing to go to create a book of his own.

12. In Your Box

Mike Philbin relates the story of a loner’s transformation into a pet fetishist, as he searches for meaning in a world where humans have become “a grid of drug-softened pulp being squeezed out of a factory’s rectum like societal spaghetti.”

13. Kubla Khan

In a fascinating satire of the future of gaming, Kevin Spiess takes us on a surreal journey through designer drugs and virtual reality, in which the line between game and reality blurs to gray.

14. Visitation

In a captivating story filled with vivid imagery, Roger Haller examines the nature of crime and punishment in an alien society, where one’s rehabilitation may take more than one lifetime.

Originally published by silverthought on-line.

15. Strings Attached

What happens when you awaken with blood on your hands? Jason K. Chapman provides the answers in this dark examination of a new form of cybernetic prostitution, in which a “Mario” struggles for his life and freedom.

16. Brain Takes A Sick Day

Sometimes taking a day off can be the best career move you can possibly make. Dan Kopcow explains in a delightfully funny satire of the corporate world, which is laced with so much irony and coincidence that a more detailed review could not do it justice.

17. Doc Chaos: The Last Laugh

David Thorpe’s second story provides us with a dark and cautionary tale of nuclear apocalypse resulting from the “peaceful” uses of atomic energy. But who will survive to tell the tale?

18. The Ambassador of Hate

In this dark satire concerning the psychology of interplanetary travel, and the politics of social control through drugs, Paul Mannering examines the nature of both madness, and revenge.

19. Human Transfer

In a chilling examination of the effects of desperation on society, Lawrence R. Dagstine takes us to a dark future in which population control measures have become so extreme that they can turn family against family.

Previously published in Escape Velocity.

20. The Shark Engine Enigma

A surfer dude’s untimely demise is just the beginning. Victor Giannini’s second story takes us beyond fear, suffering and superstition, in search of the ultimate truth concerning the enigmas of life and death.

21. A War Beyond War, and I Am the Only Soldier

In a brilliant satire of Christian mythology, we journey with Anden Sharp to 13th century France, where a young monk is called upon “for a work even more important than Our Lord’s.” But this is just the beginning in the eyes of those around him.

22. Foray

Who will survive a trip clinging to the world cliff, looking down upon the madness of Hades below? In this dark tale of Social Darwinism, Dan Marcus provides the answers, and they are not what you expect.

23. Return to Oz

Roger Haller’s second story is a delightful little satire with a twist: the tale of Earthers’ return to their slowly recovering, ecologically devastated planet of origin in the far future. But do they deserve a second chance?

Previously appeared in silverthought on-line.

24. The Pembina Valley Mushroom Massacre

Finally, a young man who embarks upon an unconventional vision quest gets more than he bargained for in Dudgeon’s second tale. We join him as he struggles to come to terms with the shocking truth concerning humanity’s future…and his own.

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