The Martian Wave, acceptance… (Summer 2007)

Originally slated for December, my old story (I penned it quite some years ago), “Frontier to Benevolence, will now appear in the July (or Summer 2007) edition of The Martian Wave.  Go here:

I also have a story in the April (spring) edition.  The reprinted, “Jupiter’s Child.”  They’re a webzine dedicated to the exploration and colonization of space. Like Star Wars or Doctor Who, it’s just another thing which got me into reading and writing SF in the 80’s and 90’s.  Colonizing other worlds.  Yeah, you’re looking at an author who used to support almost all of Carl Sagan’s theories and was a member of The Planetary Society (laughs to self).


The Martian Wave is just one of many great small press publications I’ve been in over the years, put out by Sam’s Dot Publishing (  Other print or online titles by them include Aoife’s Kiss, The Fifth Di…, and Champagne Shivers.  Oh, and also their annual “Best Of” anthologies…such as Wondrous Web Worlds.

Anyway, be sure to check out The Martian Wave.  Until next time… Peace… 😉

Black Ink Horror, February 2008 (and Sinister City)

Almost forgot, I recently sold two horror storiess.  One is called “The Farmer’s Child”, and it won’t be out in printed form until February 2008.  This supernatural tale will appear in the fourth issue of Black Ink Horror.  The editor there is Tim Manning.


They’re a well-put together publication, black-and-white print, paying, and they have one of the hottest team of illustrators and artists I’ve seen in the entire Small Press.  Serious!

Go here:

And I will also be making my third appearance in George Mowles’ SINISTER CITY.  They pay $25.00 per horror story, and I will make that third appearance in their September 07 online edition.  It will be their last issue, too.  So remember: last story and last issue –me.

Visit Sinister City here: storylogo251.jpeg

Escape Velocity (due late 2007)

Adventure Books of Seattle (www.adventurebooksofseattle) recently accepted a story of mine for their anthology-like magazine, Escape Velocity. It’s a paying market and they’re still looking for quality submissions of hard and social SF. The editor informed me that the magazine will be available in chain boookstores such as Barnes & Nobles and Borders (and Amazon, of course), and they mail out catalogs to hundreds of independent bookstores per month.  This isn’t the cover for 2007’s issue, mind you, but it’ll give you an idea as to what they look like.

There’s still time to submit.  Why not check them out:

Tales of the Talisman 3.1 (Summer 2007)

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June 25th is almost here, and I’m excited.  Tales of the Talisman, Issue 3.1, will be a great issue.  You know why yet? Because it features a story of mine.  An updated version of my SF tale, “The Ice Mines of Pluto”, which first appeared back in early 2006 in The Fifth Di (, and also on the speculative fiction site, Silverthought (

Anyway, after three publishing credits on my Ice Mines piece, I’m happy to finally be part of Tales of the Talisman.  It had been a goal of mine to make it into this magazine for close to seven years, even back when it was called Hadrosaur Tales.  But I finally did it.


The magazine is published quarterly with full color covers and ISBN, sold and read almost everywhere in the world (or at least where genre magazines are sold), and it’s edited and put together by David Lee Summers.  Why not check them out.  Below you’ll find a superb looking preview of the upcoming cover art (hope I made cover!) and a link to their site.


Issue 3.1, featuring: “The Ice Mines of Pluto” by Lawrence R. Dagstine

Jupiter SF (Coming July 2007)

A few weeks ago I got my fourth acceptance to UK’s renowned small press publication, Jupiter SF.  It’s a very well put together magazine, been around for over 4 years.  When the issue comes out I’ll provide a direct link and cover, but for now visit their homepage for more information:

You’ll be glad you did.  Editor Ian Redman runs a quality ship with this one.  And here are my three previous acceptances to his publication…

  jupiter12.jpg  jupiter13.jpg  jupiter15.jpg

Issue #12, Ananke, I appear with: “The French Nobleman of Neptune”

Issue #13, Leda, I appear with: “A Sad Day for Astronauts”

Issue #15, Adrastea, I appear with: “Living Amongst the Lizards”

Issue #17, Unknown Jupiter Name Yet, will be: “A Soul to the Stars”

A Soul to the Stars, a story dedicated to my unborn son, has also been commissioned for a second printing in March 2008, in Aoife’s Kiss.

Lawrence Dagstine – Speculative Fiction Author

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Howdy, folks.  My name is Lawrence Dagstine, and I’m a writer of Speculative Fiction, as well as a former small press magazine editor.  What is speculative fiction? Well, it’s in the realm of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  A sub-genre of all three of the mentioned, or perhaps just two? Something hard to define or coin, I’d say. 😉


Let’s say a science fiction story has elements of fantasy (the fantastical) or elements of horror (the horrific) in it, then it’s consdered a piece which crosses genres and it is therefore speculative in nature.  Which means you can’t really call it a 100% sci-fi.

I decided to start this blog website, when time permits, as a lot of people have been suggesting I do it, especially with the recent increase in the last year in the small press with my writing credits. Since 2005, I have jumped from roughly 120 fiction publishing credits to 260+, found out I’ve been talent-scouted by various small houses, published a 170-page fiction magazine with a stellar line-up of award-winning and award-nominated authors (The Literary Bone), and I have about 30 more credits on the way between now and early 2008 in various print and online publications. These are things I will keep all who visit here informed on, with banners, magazine and book covers, and future links, whether it be print or online. I’m also the author of four books, available through Amazon and Barnes &, as well as a few libraries and independent bookstores, one of which is a short story collection. The other three are espionage titles and a western novel.

I’ve been writing since spring 1996, right out of journalism school. I thought I would pursue a career as a freelance writer, and though I’ve had a small number of articles published, creative writing and reading SF literature is what veered me towards fiction and traditional prose more.

Anyway, this is just the first of many blogs, so all of you who visit can track my progress, my personal life (if I wish to share a tidbit or two), my points and views and my upcoming publications.

Yours Truly,

Lawrence R. Dagstine