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Lawrence Dagstine is a 46-year-old writer born and raised in the Big Apple. He studied journalism and creative writing in the 90s, and is workshop-certified in proofreading. His work is available on Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and in a variety of other formats. He is best known for his small press stories—publication in a plethora of science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines during the 2000s (what he affectionately labels the Millennial Pulps, before digital became mainstream). He mostly writes video game news and comics these days, and offers affordable proofreading services. He is the author of a half dozen ebook novelettes and novellas (including Family Reunion & A Child Weeps in Moscow), has been published with companies such as Damnation Books and Steampunk Tales, and is the author of two out-of-print collections and two upcoming: Death of the Common Writer (out of print), Fresh Blood (out of print), and in 2015, From The Depths (co-authored with illustrator Bob Veon), and My Own Private Earth (SF). He is currently shopping a satirical novel around to a new agent.  He enjoys Walking Dead, Doctor Who, collecting action figures and video games. Reach him on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other popular apps and social media. Visit his fan page at:


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