Worlds of Wonder, July-August 2008… (coming soon!)

For those wondering whatever happened to Worlds of Wonder, it’s under new editorial-publishing management.  It’s also coming soon as a print magazine.  A little bit late at the presses, but you’ll soon find me among their July-August 2008 lineup of what, for several years, was known to many writers simply as “WOWzine“. 

WORLDS OF WONDER: A Lilley Press Publication

Magazine of Speculative Fiction – July/August 2008

The new format looks great.  It’s been expanded upon, and has been taken over by Lilley Press.  The name and theme of my story, “The Hell Walker”, was originally based off this concept I had for a comic book character.  A priest.  One who is self-righteous and has the ability to travel through Gehenna, and do charitable deeds for demons and other creatures.

Other recent magazine additions include the June, July, and August issues of PABLO LENNIS.  More acceptances/appearances coming soon (business as usual).

And in the last two days, since my arrival home from the hospital, probably one of the best “Get Well” presents I’ve ever received… Yeah, we all collected them at one point or another. 

Larry Smurf…


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Beyond Centauri, July 2008… (appearances)

I’m featured this month with a reprint in the current issue of BEYOND CENTAURI.  Published quarterly by Sam’s Dot Publishing, Beyond Centauri provides a wonderful mix of poetry and fiction for a young adult and adult audience.  Fantastic artwork and interior illustrations, too.  It’s available now at places such as The Genre Mall.


Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Daniel Castlewitz, Meghan Burris, Kimberly Solis, Jennifer Sparlin, Daniel C. Smith, Peter Frohn, Elizabeth Kuelbs, Laura Popp, Pamela Love, T.S. Miller, Kim Sheard, Elyse Salpeter, James Hartley, Gregory Bastianelli, Jennifer Dawson, Lee Malis, Kate Runnels, K.S. Hardy, Sharon Fotta Anderson, Gabrielle Deede, N.C. Whitehead, Terrie Leigh Relf, Karen L. Newman, Kendall Evans, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and Charlotte E. Bennardo.  Edited by Tyree Campbell.

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Withersin Magazine, Coming 2009/2010… (acceptance)

Withersin Magazine picked up a piece of mine for 2009/2010.  Published thrice per year by Editor Misty L. Gersley, it’s just one of those professional horror journals that are well-put together and you can’t get enough of.   Each issue is 6×9, 100 perfect-bound pages, and only $20.00 per year for a subscription.  Fiction, non-fiction, art and MORE! Info to be released as I get it…


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Satirica: Anthology of Satirical SF… (coming soon!)

The time is almost upon us for other things as well.  My second anthology out of six for the next year, and though the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, the name of this collection is SATIRICA! Edited by Roy C. Dudgeon — anthropologist, editor, writer — and published by Cowboy Logic Press.  Teaser artwork by Jesus Riddle Morales. 

TEASER BELOW (not the actual cover):


Pre-Orders/Ordering Details:

Over 24 stories and 110,000 words of Satirical Scifi…!




‘Guardian of the One’ by Roger Haller

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Barren Worlds, SF Anthology… (Now Available!)

I’m pleased to announce that BARREN WORLDS Science Fiction Anthology is now available. Edited by Eric T. Reynolds, Hadley Rille’s books, collections, and authors have gone on to be nominated or recommended for the Nebula.  Yesterday, it was on Amazon with a sales rank of 22,000… Right now, as of July 5th, it’s riding at 65,000…!


Edited by Eric T. Reynolds (w. Adam Nakama)


Order Here/Amazon:

Anthology Line-up: Drew Arrants, Adele Cosgrove-Bray, Geraint D’arcy, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Tristan Davenport, Graham Fielding, Ginny Gilroy, C.E. Grayson, Rob Haynes, Jasmine Hammer, Erin Hartshorn, Martin Hayes, Geoffrey Maloney, Mary Ellen Martin, Tracie McBride, Ken McConnell, Kevin James Miller, Shane Nelson, Michael Obilade, Sue Penkivech, Shauna Roberts, Lawrence M. Schoen, Ted Stetson, Gene Stewart, David Tallerman, Andrew Tisbert, Geoffrey Thorne, William Blake Vogel III and Christopher Woods.

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The Ashen Eye, Issue #1… (Print Version Available!)

I’m pleased to announce that the premiere issue of THE ASHEN EYE is finally here.  Edited by Bas De Jong, this print version contains a brand new, supernatural tale of mine between its pages.  There’s some great stuff here, and you’ll find that most of the contributors are recognizable from such sites as Shocklines, MySpace, and more:


The Ashen Eye - Issue #1


Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Barry Wood, David Price, David Byron, Nickolas Cook, Troy Barnes, Wayne Blackhurst, Jeffrey Buford, Andrew Wolter, Lorne Dixon, Charlotte Emma Gledson, Debra Leigh Scott, Jim Kelley, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Ben Eads, William Couper, Aquilla Rage, Alexis Child, Phillip Stecco, Greg Schwartz, Richard H. Fay, Mark Mihalko, Misty Lackey, and MORE!

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