Silverthought Press… (appearance)

My alternate history tale, “Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine”, is now up in the August 2007 edition (online update), of Silverthought:

silverthought.jpg  bookstoreignition01.jpg

That Link Again:

This is my 57th Acceptance to Silverthought Press over the years.  They’re not just a site for good, entertaining speculative fiction, but headed up by professional editor Paul Evan Hughes, they are many other things as well.  They’re a book press, offering the finest line-up of modern SF/transgressive titles.  They have FREE CONTESTS where you can win a lot of cool stuff, such as free books from their library.  They’re also a place for writers, and they have peer review and critiquing groups which help writers grow in their craft.  Like I said, I’ve been there a few years myself. 

Some of their most recent titles include: ‘A Dark and Deadly Valley’ (by Mike Heffernan), ‘The Trinity’ (by David LaBounty), and ‘Chaise’ (by Becci Noblit Goodall).  I also appear in their IPPY Award-Nominated Antho, ‘Silverthought Ignition Anthology’ with two stories, entitled: “Zombie Mountain” and “Let’s Play God”.  The award nominations there speak for itself, as do their fine line-up of writers.

In other news, my fiancee’s water broke a few hours ago at her parent’s house.  I’m on my way to the hospital come daybreak, so this will be my last entry here for a good month.

Wish me luck, and hopefully if all is well you will get to see me and my son soon…

Until my next update…

Lawrence R. Dagstine  🙂