7th Dimension Magazine #2… (Horror-Watch)

At first I wasn’t sure about this new print publication which combines the best of four or five worlds for writers of speculative fiction and horror.  I’ll admit, I was a little sketchy.  So I had sent them a reprint.  The magazine is called 7th Dimension Magazine, and they pay… Well, $7.00 for fiction.  They had advertised a few times on Shocklines.

7th Dimension Magazine, Issue #2


Ordering Info: http://www.horror-watch.com/

Second Issue Fiction by: Ahmed Khan, Ken Goldman, Derek Muk, Karen L. Newman, and yours truly, Lawrence R. Dagstine.

So we know already that they’ve featured a few familiar Small Press names.


Now the other component, which consists of a marketplace, free advertising and plugs for professional authors and writers pretty much already out there or getting out there, publicity at no cost whatsoever, banner and book trades and interviews would be… HORROR WATCH!

Horror Watch Marketplace/Free Plugs for Authors:


Link: http://www.horror-watch.com/marketplace/index.html

Now I don’t know who Rufus is, mind you (see the second banner)…  But any magazine or website that gives back to the horror genre or promotes it and its authors with free exposure deserves a plug from me and much respect.  Good luck with it.  😉

Nova SF #20, Late 2007… (Now Available!)

The latest issue of NOVA Scifi, No. 20, is finally available.  NOVA SF is easily one of the best hard, soft, or religious scifi magazines available today in the smaller presses.  Like England’s Jupiter SF (www.jupitersf.co.uk), the stories won’t let you down.  NOVA SF #20 is my third appearance within their pages.  I am also, for the 3rd or 4th time this month, ‘Feature Author’.  The artwork this month is dedicated to my story, “A Soul to the Stars.”


NOVA Science Fiction #20


Featuring Fiction by: Lawrence Dagstine, Robert Anderson, Kevin Coyle, Steve Stanton, Scott Waclawik, and Don Kerr.  Edited by Wesley Kawato.  Cover art by Josh Grieve.  He did a tremendous job; the cover art matches my story’s theme, dead-on! Much respect. 

They’ve been around a few years.  They only accept snail mail submissions.  If you have a manuscript that’s Hard SF or Religious SF and well-written in nature, and you have some kind of science fiction resume to back up your experience, then I’d query them.  They are listed in the Writer’s Market and indexed by Locus Online. 

For Submissions or Queries: Nova Science Fiction, C/O Wesley Kawato, 17983 Paseo Del Sol, Chino Hills, CA  91709-3947


Here are some of my past issue covers.



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Midnight Horror, January 2008… (acceptance)

My most recent acceptance is to a small-paying, but nice little horror fiction Ezine, called: MIDNIGHT HORROR.  I’ll appear with a story in their January 2008 Issue.  I will also be appearing as 1 of 10 horror writers slated for their Halloween 2008 print anthology, Bloody October.



Some of the authors they’ve featured in the past include Eric S. Brown, Nathan Tyree, and Tom Conoboy.

OG’s Speculative Fiction #9… (Now Available!)

I have a story up in the current edition of ‘The Opinion Guy’ (a.k.a. OG’s Speculative Fiction).  The editor is Seth Crossman, and he runs a very nice quarterly SF publication.  I highly recommend it.  Past contributors have included such poets and authors as Kristine Ong Muslim, Karen Romanko, and Angeline Hawkes.  And yes, I’m on the cover again.

OG’s Speculative Fiction #9


Link: www.theopinionguy.com

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Steven Mathes, David C. Tallerman, Lawrence R. Dagstine and Elizabeth Barette.  Cover Art by Anselmo Alliegro. 


The Opinion Guy promises not to disappoint. It usually runs between 24 and 30 pages, but they’re also available in a print format through LULU for promotional purposes at SF conventions around the country.  So, if for the hell of it, you’d like to own a print copy, just go here: http://www.theopinionguy.com/page2.html

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The Willows Magazine, Nov. 2007… (appearances)

I was just informed that THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE, Issue #3, November 2007 is now available.  I’m one of the Feature Authors this month, along with many others.  If you like Weird Tales, then The Willows will definitely be up your alley. I see I made front cover, too.  Cool. 


The Willows: November 2007

Order Here: www.thewillowsmagazine.com

With fiction by: Lawrence Dagstine, G.W. Thomas, Paul Marlowe, G.D.Falksen, and many others.  Don’t miss out on this one.  It’s only $5.00 per issue, and they sell out quick.

About the publication:

 The Willows is an atmospheric horror and dark fantasy magazine with an emphasis on

the traditional weird tale, in the classic style of Blackwood, Dunsany, Hodgson, Machen, Lovecraft, etc.

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Cemetery Moon, Issue #1… (New Publication!)

I am very impressed with the stories in this one.  It’s a ‘4theLUV’ print market put out by Editor Chris Pisano of Fortress Publishing Inc., but still it’s NICE.  It’s only $4.00 and the overall quality, author line-up, and stories are great.  You’ll recognize most of the names below:

Cemetery Moon #1


Fortress Publishing Inc: www.fortresspublishinginc.com/

Submissions or Ordering Info: cemeterymoon@yahoo.com

Fortress Publishing on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/85401265

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Barry J. House, Kristine Ong Muslim, John Hayes, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, C.A. Kerr, Christopher Hivner, Lawrence R. Dagstine, and Ken Goldman.


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