OG’s Speculative Fiction, Mid-Late 2010… (3rd Acceptance!)

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed my third acceptance to the long running speculative fiction/science fiction magazine on the Web — available as a free PDF Download to read and eventually purchase on LULU as a magazine for cons — The Opinion Guy (aka OG’s Speculative Fiction).  This would be my second acceptance in one year to them, and they’ve featured some very talented and familiar names in the science fiction arena.  Both short stories and poetry.  Matter of fact, this third credit comes right after my 2nd, and bolstered me up to the 400 credit mark.  Editor is Seth Crossman, and he also provides an Internet site full of informative articles.


Lawrence Dagstine RETURNS to OG’s Speculative Fiction

Third Acceptance – Click on the link(s) for some free reading in PDF format



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OG’s Speculative Fiction, March 2010… (2nd Acceptances!)

You can find me for a second time in the long-running, speculative fiction magazine and PDF webzine: OG’s Speculative Fiction.  Issue #23, March to April 2010.  Previous issues include an appearance in Issue #9.  Edited by Seth Crossman, this particular issue not only features myself but stories by Wayne Helge, Poetry by Darrell Lindsey, and Cover Art by Jem French.  It’s a classic issue, in both free format and print format (eventual release through LULU)…  Online articles, too.  Enjoy!

“Still one of my favorite stories we have ever published. We hope you enjoy the issue.”

— Seth Crossman, editor of the Opinion Guy

OG’s SPECULATIVE FICTION Issue #23 – Feature Author

Available in print via LULU, or as a free PDF – THE OPINION GUY.

HOMEPAGE (with articles):


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‘Also featuring Lawrence R. Dagstine’


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The Random Eye, Volume #2… (2010 Edition!)

The 2010 edition of The Random Eye is now up — an annual e-Zine dedicated to alternatives, communication that breaks the mold, universes or altiverses that are parallel in nature, and where, for the new decade, tea is the ongoing theme.  Edited by Melissa Jones, The Random Eye is also The Random Radio.  Published annually.  Come, click, and have a cup.

The Random Eye, Volume #2







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Alternate Perceptions #46, Spring 1999…

And now, direct from the DAGSTINE LAND archives… A Blast from the Past…!

November’s Blast from the Past brings us a MAJOR non-fiction UFO/Paranormal magazine from the 1990’s, which was available on Newsstands and in Borders.  Back in the spring of 1999 I put my journalism skills to good use and nabbed my first two-page spread, and my first non-fiction/freelance writing credit.  Hard to believe that was over eight years ago.  I even had my picture between the pages with a theoretical article on a religious subject we know very little about: Angelic and Human association.


The name of my first non-fiction article: “Origins of Man: Were Angels our Teachers and Forefathers?” Between the pages of “Alternate Perceptions”, Non-Fiction Journal of UFOs, History, Native Spirituality, and Paranormal Phenomena.  Yeah, I know… All that fun ‘unsolved mystery’ kind of stuff.  To my knowledge, they’ve switched to an irregular online format: http://www.mysterious-america.net/

Here’s what the magazine and editorial staff were all about:


The links above are all that remains of this once great magazine.  When I walked into Borders with my mother and saw Issue#46 on the magazine rack, she told me how proud of me she was.  After all, this was my first non-fiction sale.  I was only 25.  Other features to this issue included an article on Nostradamus by Dr. Greg Little.  Also, non-fiction by Dr. Susan Shumsky, Al Fry, Scott Dow, Brent Raynes (editor), and Dr. Berthold Schwarz MD, among others…

Until next time… 😉

Lawrence R. Dagstine