Pablo Lennis, May 2008… (appearances)

Been a long month in the writing department (so many short stories to churn out for so many places), but my latest acceptance is actually a last-minute reprint, and it comes to one of the longest running zines of science fiction and fantasy literature.  PABLO LENNIS.  Issue No. #246.

PABLO LENNIS #246; May 2008

Like last month’s issue, its contents are rather abstract in form.  It’s also the first issue in quite some time to feature a thin, semi-gloss cover.

This issue features works by: Lawrence Dagstine, Paul Truttman, Steve Sneyd, Albert Manachino, Gerald Heyder, John Binns, Herbert Jerry Baker, Peter Layton, Rose Gordy, Gary Every, and Joanne Tolson.

Their snail mail address for submissions:

Pablo Lennis

30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, Indiana 47904


Also, now up from Whispers of Wickedness, and archived at the bottom of the ‘READINGS & REVIEWS’ section, my review for one of the newest and most popular counterculture literary journals to hit the UK.  They have featured such names as Jeff VanderMeer, Rhys Hughes, and Steve Redwood.  I’ll be in their fourth issue myself, with a gay fiction piece.  Polluto also marks my first literary journal acceptance.  😉



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Jupiter SF, October 2008… (5th acceptance)

My latest acceptance for the month of April 2008 is actually my 5th over the last two-three years to editor Ian Redman’s ‘JUPITER SF’.  It’s one of the UK-Small Press’s most widely read hard science fiction publications, and probably just behind Interzone.  Published quarterly, they are now in their fifth year of existence.  In today’s marketplace not too many small magazines last that long but, due to its popularity, JUPITER has defied those odds. 


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence Dagstine

jupiter12.jpg   jupiter13.jpg

jupiter15.jpg   carrlihoe.jpg


I’ll be coming their way again in October 2008…

Authors featured over the years include: Lavie Tidhar, Gareth D. Jones, Gustavo Bondoni, Kristine Ong Muslim, Edward Rodosek, Allan Ashley and Andrew Hook, Lawrence Dagstine, Nigel Atkinson, Jim Steel, Gary McMahon, Lee Clarke Zumpe, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Eric S. Brown, Lee Moan, Peter Tennant, Davin Ireland, and Christina Sng. 

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KGB BAR: Jack Ketchum/P.D. Cacek Reading…

On April 16th 2008, I took the day off and headed into the city — the Village, to be exact — to see horror masters Jack Ketchum and P.D. Cacek perform live readings of their works.  KGB Bar is a pretty renowned institution when it comes to live performances by writers and poets.  It has that dimlighted, hip, semi-beatnik kind of style, crossed with the feel of an old man’s bar.  It’s small but stylish, too, reminiscent of socialist artist hangouts.   It’s located at 85 East 4th Street, just off of 2nd Avenue, second floor.


*KGB Bar Logo*

*KGB Bar Interior; Second Floor*

It wasn’t overcrowded or anything like that.  I got there around six, left at nine.  Some of the pictures were taken by me, and others such as Gordon Linzner and Linda Addison, (Bram Stoker winner of: ‘Being Full Of Light, Insubstantial’).  I congratulated Linda on winning the 2007 Bram Stoker Award.  Also up in the mix was Gerard Houarner, a prolific author in his own right; he edits Space & Time Magazine and writes a monthly blog column for Storyteller’s Unplugged.  Matthew Kressel, of Sybil’s Garage, co-hosted the event with Ellen Datlow.  And just by chance, I happened to be seated at the end of the bar with science fiction author, Mercurio Rivera, who has a story in Interzone #214.

*Lawrence Dagstine with Bram Stoker Winner P.D. Cacek*

*Lawrence Dagstine with Four-Time

Bram Stoker Winner Jack Ketchum*

P.D. Cacek read from a short story with a young person’s narrative.  She went on first at seven o’ clock.  After that, there was a short intermission where authors and editors could mingle a bit, while Jack Ketchum made his way to the small podium in back.  Jack read from three pieces, one of which was a monologue in a female narrative, and this was supposedly originally written for his novel, THE LOST (now a motion picture).  The third piece he read was a story from what he called his “VHS Days”.  He has a great voice, knows how to entertain the reader and his listeners, while mixing humor in all at the same time.  I’m telling you, the man is pure genius…


*Lawrence Dagstine with Editor Ellen Datlow*

I also got to take pictures and talk with the Industry’s finest editor; and probably one of the best in the world.  Ellen Datlow.  At first, when I approached her, I was a little shy, because it had always been a dream of mine to talk to Ellen.  I’ve been a fan of hers since she was fiction editor for OMNI Magazine.  And back in the 1980’s, thanks to influential people like her, I don’t think I would have chosen writing as my career path.  At first, I addressed her, “Ms. Datlow…” – but she quickly said, “Please, call me Ellen.”

A wonderful and memorable night indeed.  I got to meet three icons.  I stocked up on reading material for me and my son; Jack Ketchum and P.D. Cacek were nice enough to autograph it to him for when he’s old enough to read horror.  I also noticed something else.  These people were not only pleasant, but they were down-to-earth.  And I realize now that’s what writing is about.  It’s not always about how much money you make, who is better than this one, I’m going to be famous overnight.  It’s about being nice and appreciating the artform. 

Being a writer is about being down to earth.  It’s about being human.  It’s about being yourself.

Until my next entry,

Lawrence R. Dagstine

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Whispering Spirits #18, April 2008… (acceptance)

The following acceptance was last minute…  Whispering Spirits invited me to be Feature Author for their April 2008 edition.  This would be my fourth acceptance with them in total.  Edited by Diana Cacy Hawkins, the semi-annual webzine has become a talented showcase of ghost stories, dark poetry, and tales of the supernatural.  My story is available as a PDF download, and this edition contains an extra ten pages worth of juicy fiction.

Whispering Spirits: April 2008, Issue #18

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Wayne Summers, G.W. Thomas, Mary C. White, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Lanaia Lee.

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In other news, I’ll also be appearing in four more spec-fic anthologies between this year and next (about the first two, for now).  One, which has already found a publisher is, SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction.  When I get more details, publishing information, lineups, stuff like that, I’ll be sure to post it.  Next, another SF anthology worth reserving, and edited by Darlene Oakley, would be: EISODOS STATION and Other Adventures.


Coming Soon…

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Polluto: The Anti-Pop Culture Journal.. (acceptance)

My most recent acceptance comes to a quarterly journal which features some big names: we’re talking Jeff Vandermeer, Michael Moorcock, Steve Redwood, Rhys Hughes, Vince Locke (former illustrator for The Sandman), Patti Plinko, Justina Robson, R.C. Edrington, Dave Migman, Deb Hoag, Paparazzi Whore, Mike Philbin, Chet Gottfried, John Lee Michael, and MORE.  Edited by Adam Lowe and Helen Lyttle.





For Mission Statement and Purchasing Information:


Polluto is a quarterly themed Literary Journal which pushes the boundaries of normal everyday fiction.  They’re dedicated to publishing edgy, dark, hip (or anti-hip), queer, extreme or surreal fiction within several genres.  Poetry and columns, too.

I’ll be in their 4th Issue, late 2008-early 2009. THEME: “Queer and Loathing in Wonderland”.  They are also available in limited edition signed hardbacks, and they’re available throughout the UK.

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Escape Velocity #3, April 2008… (appearances)

Well, various  Web-based messageboard communities almost collapsed a second time yesterday because certain folks just weren’t sure whether or not Lawrence Dagstine was going to appear in ESCAPE VELOCITY, Issue #3.  Check the Table of Contents, I’m there.  I had mistakenly been left out due to a ‘substitute story email being missed’ or crossed somehow.  It seems Escape Velocity has changed its word lengths, too, and they now prefer much SHORTER works.  My original story for them was just too long, and somehow no communication came of this.  But, thanks to Robert Blevins, editor for the magazine, the problem has been solved

ESCAPE VELOCITY; April 2008, Issue #3

The Magazine of Science Fact and Fiction

So, the sky is not falling…

Featuring work by: Sheila Crosby, Dean Grondo, Kevin Gordon, Michael Penncavage, Branden Johnson, Barbara Krasnoff, Michael Anderson, Ivan Pavlov, Ben Cheetham, Shaun A. Saunders, Lawrence Dagstine, Magdalena Ball, and MORE. 

Escape Velocity #3 also contains lots of juicy non-fiction, such as an article on the The Mars Statue, a special tribute to Science Fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke (which, with its stunning full color pictures, makes the issue worth every nickel), and full coverage of the Northwestern Science Fiction Convention… NORWESCON 31. 

A review of Escape Velocity #1 at THE FIX (according to the editor, mine was one of the best stories; scroll down):

In other news, I have a LOAD of acceptances and great news coming your way.  Queries for roughly two more short story collections, a possible novella deal, I’m working with an agent (wouldn’t you like to know who he or she is)… And if you missed my last entry, well, guess what? Here it is again.  I’m Feature Author for THE WILLOWS for their March 2008 issue!

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The Willows Magazine, March 2008… (appearances)

A little late at the presses, but it’s finally here.  The Willows Magazine, March 2008 issue.  My Feature Author Issue! And I’m not the only surprise.  You’ll find pre-World War Two/Victorian Horror and Dark Fantasy stories by names such as: G.D. Falksen, Paul Marlowe, Matthew Stiles, Orrin Grey, Skadi meic Beorh, and Lawrence Dagstine…  Oh, and plenty more literary all stars and splendors await you, as we revolutionize today’s weird fiction.

The Willows Magazine, edited by Ben Thomas, is now published bimonthly. It’s one of the freshest and fastest growing publications to hit the Lovecraftian world since… well, since Weird Tales itself!


Feature Author: Lawrence R. Dagstine

Subscribe or buy your copy today!

Also, other issues available:


From The Willows Magazine homepage:

     Through the work of rising authors like G. D. Falksen, Lawrence Dagstine, and Paul Marlowe, we are also pioneering the genre of “steampunk horror,” in which elements of the golden age weird tale or Gothic romance are combined with an elegant 19th-Century proto-science-fiction aesthetic, such as that embodied by Welles, Verne, and the earliest pulp writers.

     We love work set in Victorian times, in the European countryside, in a twisted fairyland, in the underbelly of an enchanted city, aboard a triphibian ambulator, or in the ruins of an undiscovered civilization.

     If your favorite authors are those who initiated and maintained the unique movements of weird fiction and proto-SF, and those who continue these traditions today, The Willows is the place to read tales you will enjoy, and to submit your own work! We warmly welcome new writers, but we also print pieces from established authors.

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The Nautilus Engine, April 2008… (appearances)

You can now find a reprint of mine in the April 2008 edition of THE NAUTILUS ENGINE (Vol. 1, no. 4).  Edited by Christian Klaver.   The publication primarily focuses on “weird tales”, or those little horror and dark fantasy stories which are easily comparable to the works of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells.

The Nautilus Engine

April 2008 – Volume 1, Number 4


Volume 1, Issue 4 Fiction by: Lawrence R. Dagstine, Heath Lowrance, Noel Penaflor, Michael John Grist, John B. Rosenman, and Christian Klaver.

The Ashen Eye, June 2008… (acceptance)

My latest acceptance comes to The Ashen Eye, which is a fairly new webzine combined with a blog component.  The sole purpose: promotion and exposure for the budding horror author.   Not just a great chilling tale.  The design is pretty creepy, too.  I can see this one going places in time, as webzines uploaded with blogs now through Wordpress and others seem to be one of the latest things to hit horror fandom.  They also plan on releasing a print version later on this year.  The publication is edited by Bas de Jong.



Fiction line-ups include: Jim Kelley, David Price, Greg Schwartz, Lorne Dixon, Alexis Child, Barry Wood, Aquilla Rage, Troy Barnes, David Byron, and Ben Eads among others.

Edited to Add: I have good news.  I might be appearing in their premiere “print” issue.  This will happen some time between late June and early July 2008.  I will keep everyone updated.

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