Written Word Magazine #4… (August 2007)

The August 2007 Issue of Written Word Online Magazine (www.writtenwordmag.com) is coming out in a few more days.  I’m in this month’s edition with a story about parenting an orphan robot girl.  A deadly robot girl.  “Planned Parenthood“.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll work on a longer version to this story down the road.  With my whole inner ear out of wack right now (yeah, vertigo sucks), and my Internet time limited because of it, well, my writing’s been pretty much on the backburner. 


That Link Again: www.writtenwordmag.com

Written Word has featured such authors as Gary Beck, Rick Novy, Eric S. Brown, Kristine Ong Muslim, Vera Searles, Karen L. Newman, and more.  They’ve become pretty popular, switching to a monthly or bimonthly format. 

The idea and inspiration for my story, Planned Parenthood, came about around December of last year, when I learned my fiancee was pregnant.  And speaking of parenthood… Only two-to-three weeks to go… My son will be here! I am worried though, as the baby turned “breech” on us.  There are risks involved.  Preparing for the birth has taken up a lot of my time.  I’ll have an “Unplanned Parenthood” column on the right-hand side down the road, and this new blog website of mine will also grow into my family homepage.

So stay tuned and watch some great things grow with it.  🙂