Glutonlumps Chilling Tales, Issue #1.. (appearances)

What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a new appearance (and a plug!).  What better way to give that plug than to tell you that not only is this new magazine put together by the very talented P.S. Gifford (, and that garden gnome horror writer Henrick Glutonlumps, but that it features over twelve great tales of dark fiction by some of today’s HOTTEST writers; and a few veterans, too. 

Glutonlumps Chilling Tales Magazine #1


(available January 2008)


Chilling Tales Homepage:

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Featuring new fiction by: Ron Savage, Eric Enck, Philip Roberts, Ken Goldman, Lawrence Dagstine, George McBride, Tala Bar, Paul Mannering, Tricia Helper, Jennifer Gifford, and Richard Pitaniello.  Plus, a surprise bonus by P.S. Gifford himself. 

Oh, Glutonlump’s Chilling Tales will have distribution, too.  So far Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the U.S. will carry it.  In the future, there might even be Spanish & Japanese versions of it.  You’ll be able to get it at select Waldenbooks, comic book shops such as Rick’s Comic City (, and DARK DELICACIES (L.A.’s Number One Horror Specialty Bookstore). 

Dark Delicacies ordering info:

Glutonlumps’ Chilling Tales Magazine is published two-three times per year, and will soon be available through more horror retailers than you could imagine.  Order yours today!

Satirica: Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction

SNEAK PREVIEWS: Coming 2008…

Almost 110,000 words in length; A collection featuring 24 or more stories…

SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction


Compiled & Edited by Dudgeon:

Author line-up so far: Joshua Allen, R.J. Astruc, Jason K. Chapman, Gary Cuba, John Parke Davis, Dudgeon, Victor Giannini, Roger Haller, Bill Housley, Dan Kopcow, Lawrence Dagstine, Dan Marcus, Tomas L. Martin, Paul Mannering, Mike Philbin, Anden Sharp, and David Thorpe.

Edited to Add: Steven J. Dines & Kevin Spiess added to the growing list of authors.

More details to follow.  Stay tuned…

Lawrence Dagstine, Archives 2007… (Merry X-Mas)


And with this post, I would like to wish everyone who visits here a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year.  2008 is just around the corner, and unless there’s some kind of miracle in the air, I highly doubt I’ll score another acceptance or appearance until early January.  If it happens, eh, I’ll post it.  Otherwise, it can wait till the confetti settles. 

For your reading pleasure, I’ve added a story to the ‘Short Fiction Sample’ section.  The name of it: ‘Our Family Awaits’. I’ve also added a new page called About Me. Eventually, a much shorter author bio will go there and replace what’s in Bibliography now.  Then, bibliography will become a place for me to list publication dates and names of magazines & zines from May 1996 to the present.  Yep, the old switcheroo and chronological listing!


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The above is just a shortened recap of the last six months of this blog.  Not a bad year.  In the last 15 months, I’ve gotten 85 acceptances to paying, print, and online venues.  People ask me why I do it.  Why write short stories? I have a better question.  Why not? All that matters in life is you do what you love.  Happiness makes the world go round… 

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Midnight Times, Summer 2004… (appearances)

And now, direct from the DAGSTINE LAND archives… A Blast from the Past…!

December’s Blast from the Past goes to a supernatural horror webzine still in existence.  A quarterly webzine found in the Writer’s Market. A few years ago you had publications like Night Terrors, Black Satellite, All Hallows, Black Petals, Outer Darkness, The Silver Web, Deathrealm, 2AM Magazine, and Cyber-Psychos AOD.  I was a real amateur then, but during those years (a.k.a. the pre-blogging phenomenon), you had online entities such as The Midnight Times! These were the good old days of online & print horror, folks, when The Writer’s Market barely listed Horror markets at all.



I originally appeared in the Summer 2004 Online Edition.  Edited by Jay Manning.  They are a themed, quarterly publication.  Company name: Tower Web Productions.


Summer 2004 Archives; the archives are always available, and after almost five years of superior-themed dark fiction, I’d like to wish Midnight Times the best.  Here’s to another five great years, another twenty issues, showcasing some of yesterday’s up-and-comers.


“Ready for the big show?” Captain Aramis was standing beside a power winch that fed cold fusion through a generator extending out the side of the rocket’s hull and down into the strange icy mists surrounding the chunk of ice better known as Charon… (continued)

When I was a good girl I had blond hair and white knee socks and a secret taste for Marlboro Lights. I attended an all-girls Catholic high school of enough notoriety in town that our navy blue and gold uniforms were instantly recognizable and the even modestly-devout would go out of their way to stop us on the street… (continued)

Dylan sat quietly in the rear seat of his father’s Oldsmobile. The car hummed a monotonous drone as an endless sea of corn stalks, trees and unevenly dispersed foliage flew past the windows. It was another trip to Grandpa’s cottage… (continued)


“Why must you always be so serious, sister?” Leyrra asked Faylith in her annoyingly cheerful manner. They, along with some of the other students at the Guild House, were helping the kitchen women peel tubers, stuff mushrooms and gut fish in preparation for tonight’s feast… (continued)


Direct links to submission guidelines and past issues below:

Submission Guidelines:

Back Issues/Archive Link:

Until my next Blast from the Past… 😉

Lawrence R. Dagstine

The Fifth Di, December 2007… (appearances)

Now appearing in the December 2007 edition of The Fifth Di…, final showings of my short alternate history tale, “Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine“.  I found this Alice pic below cool, so I put it up instead of a regular banner.  It represents one of my favorite authors I like to write about; one of my three favorite since I was an early teenager.  The other two being Kurt Vonnegut and Isaac Asimov.

THE FIFTH DI… (December 2007)


“Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine”


Featuring Fiction and Poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Mark Allan Gunnells, John Bushore, Terrie Leigh Relf, Marge Simon, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and Sarah Wagner.  Edited by J. Alan Erwine.  With opening tuppence by Tyree Campbell. 

Sam’s Dot Publishing Main Page:

What is this I hear? You like Lewis Carroll-themed fiction? Then be on the lookout for two Sam’s Dot Publishing BEST SHORT STORY OF THE MONTH and YEAR anthologies with fiction by myself and a host of other Small Press regulars, available at the links below:


Wondrous Web Worlds Anthologies No. #3 and No. #5:


Purchase from THE GENRE MALL:

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Oh yeah, almost forgot… You’ve already seen the Halloween 2007 pictures (the kid’s first trick or treat).  Here’s what Thanksgiving looked like with the in-laws.  Well, the turkey at least.  I’ll add them to the ‘Unplanned Parenthood‘ album when I’m done.


This year we had a 19-pounder.  Nice looking bird, isn’t it?


And then the table set-up for the side dishes, of course.

Happy Holidays, Everyone…

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Worlds of Wonder, April 2008… (acceptances)

My latest acceptance comes today to a webzine edited by Sharon Partington.  It will be for their April 2008 online issue.  It’s called, Worlds of Wonder.  In the last year, they’ve featured such authors as Peter Tennant, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Tala Bar. 


Worlds of Wonder (a.k.a. WoWzine)


Their late fall edition for 2007 is still up with some wonderful authors and serials, which I highly recommend.  Their submission guidelines can also be found there.

Hopefully, if I have some time in the next week I can sit down and post my Thanksgiving Day pictures, along with shots of the turkey and dinner set-up.

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