Aoife’s Kiss, March 2009… (acceptance)

Fiction acceptance No. 296 comes late this evening — and yet again — to Aoife’s Kiss, only this new story of mine, about a supernatural artist, won’t appear until March 2009.  Yeah, next year.  Aoife’s Kiss is a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction, put out by Sam’s Dot:


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence Dagstine

Aoife’s Kiss #22, September 2007 (Pet):


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I have a lot of acceptances to this one publication. Watch for stories of mine in their March 2008, June 2008, and December 2008 issues, too.  Then, followed up by 2009.  As I may have said on more than one occasion on this blog, Sam’s Dot Publishing will also be putting out my very first short story collection some time later this year.

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