Tales of the Talisman, Summer 2008… (appearances)

Well, one publication you can definitely find me in is TALES OF THE TALISMAN with: “The Invisible Enemy.” This would be my second appearance with the magazine.  The Summer 2008 issue, Volume 4-1.  The cover art was done by Laura Givens (I love her work: http://www.lauragivens-artist.com).  Talisman is edited by David Lee Summers.


Summer 2008; Volume 4.1



CONTENTS: Richard Harland introduces us to a society that didn’t have written language, but rather communicated through scents. Rick Novy takes us off to a world where people race basilisks. Did you ever think your coworkers were mutants? Well, Michael D. Turner takes us to a laboratory where the workers really are mutants! Donna Marie Robb takes us to the world of the imagination and introduces us to the dream painters.  Lawrence R. Dagstine takes us back in time to WW2, where a submarine must battle a giant, mechanical squid built by the Nazis.  These and LOTS of other stories and poems in the Summer 2008 issue of Tales of the Talisman…


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The Willows Magazine, June 2008… (Now Available!)

It’s finally here! The spectacular One-Year Anniversary issue of one of dark fiction’s most popular magazines: THE WILLOWS!  And, once again, I am FEATURE AUTHOR.  Only this time I surprise the reader with a title picked out by Frances Rowat, as part of a special subscriber contest.  Set sail with me and editor Ben Thomas, and a plethora of other talent with tales of their own, as I take you on a monstrous World War Two voyage reminiscent of Ancient Greek Myth and Lovecraft’s DAGON!


May/June 2008 – One-Year Anniversary

 TheWillowsMagazineMay08-1.jpg picture by DoctorLarry_photo



Read my story, thanks to Frances Rowat: “The Spires of Shadow and Water”

Featuring Work by: Lawrence R. Dagstine, Andi Newton, Steven Shrewsbury & Peter Welmerink, Skadi meic Beorh, G.D. Falksen, and many more!

TheWillowsNYTimesWebAD.jpg picture by DoctorLarry_photo

Through the work of rising authors like G. D. Falksen, Lawrence Dagstine, and Paul Marlowe, we are also pioneering the genre of “steampunk horror,” in which elements of the golden age weird tale or Gothic romance are combined with an elegant 19th-Century proto-science-fiction aesthetic, such as that embodied by Wells, Verne, and the earliest pulp writers.

Previous Issues featuring LAWRENCE DAGSTINE:

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Here’s the links again:



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Sein Und Werden, Summer 2008… (appearances)

It’s been a year, but I’m back – back in Rachel Kendall’s SEIN UND WERDEN.  Popular among short story enthusiasts and poets in the UK, Sein Und Werden is published quarterly and themed.  However, its basic scope is on works of speculative or weird fiction with a literary feel, surrealism, existentialism, miserablist fiction, and lots more.  Over the years it’s featured some of Britain’s finest short story writers.  This particular issue would be the MAPS Edition… Being and Becoming…


Summer 2008 Theme: MAPS Edition




Fiction, Poetry, & Art by: Jim Steel, Lee Rourke, Peter Tennant, Daniel Y. Harris, Lawrence Dagstine, Brent Powers, W.S. Fisher, Michael Blackburn, Michael Loughrey, Marie Lecrivain, Michael Pittman, Juliet Cook, Patrick Sullivan, John Brewer, Marc Lowe, Laura Forgie, D. Thornburgh, Kevin Brown, Miliana Sesartic, Sean Ruane, Willie Smith, B. Drew Collier, Misti-Rainwater Lites, and Mark Howard Jones.

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One Year Blog-a-versary


With that said, I’ve been blogging and promoting magazines for exactly one year today, June 6th; also, famously known as D-Day. Hmm, amazing how time flies…  

Aoife’s Kiss #25, June 2008… (appearances)

First, I’d like to thank my readers and author friends who have emailed recently to see how I am doing in the health department.  I’ve received an overwhelming amount of letters (a couple of hundred, so it may take time to get back to everybody) — and I thank you.  You don’t know how much I really appreciate the support.  The people from  the  messageboards, everyone from the magazine and independent publishing circuits.   Family, friends, and fans… You guys are what makes the Small Press and Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror such a great place. 

Second, for those interested, I have a science fiction reprint in the 7th Anniversary Issue of AOIFE’S KISS.  June 2008, No. #25.  Published by Sam’s Dot Publishing (www.samsdotpublishing.com), who’ll also be releasing a collection of mine down the road.

AOIFE’S KISS #25, June 2008

7th Anniversary Issue



Featuring fantastic work by: Mel Hiers, Robert Gardner, James McGowan, Bud Webster, Zia Ahmed, J.A. Pollard, Megan Arkenberg, Angelo Niles, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Christina Amsden, Robert L. Slater, Ryan Bruner, Phillip A. Ellis, David Howerton, Gary Every, Cathy Buburuz, Ami Kaye, Mac Warren Brown, Neal Wilgus, Marge Simon, Rachel Olivier, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Pearl Mary Wilshaw, Tracy Meleca, James B. Livingston, and Sheffield Reynolds.  Cover Art by Dan Skinner. 




At this time, I’m doing all right.  Just on what you’d call a “Health Holiday”.  Keeping strong.

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