Sein Und Werden Vol. 2, No. 2… (Now Available!)

The Autumn 2007 Issue of Rachel Kendall’s UK-based magazine, SEIN UND WERDEN, is now available for purchase.  Volume 2, Issue #2.  Themed Issue…”Clowns & Ghosts”.  My story would be a ghost story.  There’s TWO VERSIONS to this magazine.  One is an online version with tons of great authors, and the other is a special print version with tons of great authors as well. 

I’m in the print version with, “The Nightmare of Bayhurst”. 


Go here:

With fiction by: Peter Tennant, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Jeff Crouch, Emma Lee, Kenneth Mulvey, Dan Smith, Serena Spinello, Tim Horvath, S Musick, David Mclean, Steven Pirie, Rhonda Carrier, Mark Howard Jones, Alexis Child, Ken Klinger, Peter Schwartz, Brent Powers, Willie Smith, John Brewer, Rob Plath, Spyros Heniadis, Sean Kilpatrick, Bendi Barrett, Jason Hereux, and Phil Doran.

Artwork for Vol. 2, No. 2 by S Musick and John Brewer

eyeam1bysmusick.jpg  ghostbyjohnbrewer.jpg

I urge you to pick up a copy.  These are some hot names in the UK’s short fiction market, and who can resist stories about clowns and ghosts? The art is fantastic! Get yours now or just click on the link below: