Surprising Stories, Mid 2008… (acceptance)

My latest acceptance comes to a wonderfully entertaining little e-zine filled to the rim with hard science fiction, fantasy, and otherworldly poetry.  Non-fiction and speculative fiction book reviews, too:  Surprising Stories. Their current issue, No. #16, features my pulp asteroid tale: The Doomsday Initiative.

Previous Issues of Surprising Stories

featuring Lawrence Dagstine:


My next appearance is scheduled for May or June.  Or, pretty much, the spring-summer 2008 edition.

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Aoife’s Kiss, March 2009… (acceptance)

Fiction acceptance No. 296 comes late this evening — and yet again — to Aoife’s Kiss, only this new story of mine, about a supernatural artist, won’t appear until March 2009.  Yeah, next year.  Aoife’s Kiss is a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction, put out by Sam’s Dot:


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence Dagstine

Aoife’s Kiss #22, September 2007 (Pet):


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I have a lot of acceptances to this one publication. Watch for stories of mine in their March 2008, June 2008, and December 2008 issues, too.  Then, followed up by 2009.  As I may have said on more than one occasion on this blog, Sam’s Dot Publishing will also be putting out my very first short story collection some time later this year.

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Midnight Horror, January-Feb. 2008… (appearances)

This one must have skipped my mind.  Midnight Horror is a small amateur-paying webzine, put out by a free web host (Fortunecity), and features a decent line-up of authors.  The reading is free for the picking, so why not check them out? I have a short in it called Zombie Camp. 


MIDNIGHT HORROR – January/February 2008



Fiction Page:

Featuring Fiction by: Tom Conoboy, Jonathan Daniel, Herbert Tinsley, Nathan Tyree, Tracie McBride, R.S. Pyne, Tom Johnstone, Brian G. Ross, Dawn Sholun, Sophie Bachard, Eric S. Brown, Guy Belleranti, David Byron, John Towler, Lawrence Dagstine, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III. 


In other news, I guess you can see that I’ve changed my blog template.  It looks more like a regular website now, which was the feel I was going for to celebrate over 10,000 hits in just a few months time.  I’m sure those are not all unique hits, but it’s still pretty decent in my opinion.  Another reason is because change is always needed when something big and wonderful is about to happen not too far down the road. Could it have something to do with my new Lightning Source book account to retrieve authors for pay rates of 3 to 7 cents per word? Does it mark the beginning of my small press art gig, Soberiffic? Editing services? A recent book deal? A crossover to non-fiction? Wait, 300 publishing credits is coming to you, ain’t it? Well, yes, it is.  Soon.  That will probably be a blog entry by itself; and it’s pretty obvious this site will be under heavy renovation for some time to come.

Be aware, some things have changed:About Me now features a small curriculum vitae, with my educational background.  Average education for an average guy — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I dumped Movies & Videos; it served no purpose.  Unplanned Parenthood is now called Family Album.  And last but not least, a new story is up in Short Fiction Sample for your reading pleasure, entitled: “Devil Child”.  Enjoy…  😉

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Midnight Times; Darkness e-Zine… (acceptance)

Acceptance No. 295 will come sometime later this year to Editor Jay Manning’s Midnight Times web magazine; A Darkness e-Zine for Creative Minds.  Themed, too.  This would be my second acceptance with the publication — I first appeared four years ago with The Ghouls of Charon, and back then I had only sixty credits to my name (the old bio brought back some fond memories).



The Ghouls of Charon by Lawrence Dagstine:

(Summer 2004 Back Issue – Free Reading)

In terms of webzines, I would have to say Midnight Times is one of the longest running in  regards to supernatural and traditional horror; articles centered around the paranormal, too.  I first found them listed in the Writer’s Market back in 2004.  Nice to see they’re still around…

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Written Word Magazine… (4th acceptance)

I’ve just received my 4th acceptance to Written Word Online Magazine.   Editor Ace Masters, and co-editor Barb McCaffrey, have emailed me to tell me how delighted they are with the work I have submitted to them as of late.  They also seem interested in a 5th tale, and I plan to make the suggested revisions to it for them in the next couple of months. 

Written Word Online Magazine


In other news, Peter Tennant and D of Whispers of Wickedness have promoted me.  I’m now a forum moderator for their short story & anthology marketing sections.

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Sounds of the Night, Feb. 2008… (Now Available!)

My latest print appearance comes to Sounds of the Night, Issue #2.  This new magazine, published semi-annually by Sam’s Dot, features a wonderful array of mild erotic poetry and sensual or romantic short stories within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Imagine the sexy, steamy love story meets the interplanetary explorer’s tale — or better yet, a werewolf encounter full of romanticisms, and you get my story. 

Sounds of the Night; February 2008


Sounds of the Night is available at… THE GENRE MALL

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Sarah Kelderman, Domyelle Rhyse, L.A. Story Houry, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Tim Ahrens & Neil Riebe, Cathy Buburuz, Edward M. Turner, RH Fay, Marge Simon, Tyree Campbell, Kimberly Ann Creighton, Toni V. Sweeney, Jennifer Crow, Lee Clarke Zumpe, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Rena Sherwood, Todd Hanks, and with a review of Ken Goldman’s new book…

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Written Word Magazine… (3rd acceptance)

After an extensive rewrite on one of my 2007 stories, I’ve had yet another acceptance to Written Word Online Magazine.  Overall, this would be my third acceptance in total with them.  I just have to make some grammatical changes in the next month and this will go down as No. 293 once I start putting together my fiction bibliography.

Written Word Online Magazine

coveroneback.jpeg cover_tww2.jpeg cover_tww3.jpeg

cover_tww4.jpeg cover_tww5.jpeg cover_tww6.jpeg

cover_tww7.jpeg    writtenword.jpg

What you see above are back issues (I have a story in Issue #4).  Issue #8 just came out, pictured below, and it features fiction & poetry from the following authors: Christopher Hivner, Gayla Chaney, Edward Dudart, Ian R. Faulkner, Angela N. Hunt, Rick Novy, Ray Succre, I.E. Lester, Sarah Wagner, Michael Lee Johnson, and Al Carty.


That link again:

In other exciting news, I’ve had three non-fiction pieces accepted since Friday — yup, all short articles — and this has never happened to me in the course of one weekend.  After I settle down with work, hobbies, the little one begins walking properly, I might start a blog independent of this one for my journalism.  After 2008, there is a chance I could be taking a short break from genre, too, to pursue non-fiction a little further. 

But, hopefully, you’ll all be here for the grand premiere of my short story collection…

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The Willows Magazine Contest… (announcement!)

Are you a subscriber to this magazine? Well, for heaven’s sake, you should be! This entry will be a small plug for one of the fastest growing, hottest selling publications centered around Victorian horror and pre-World War 2 weird tales  THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE.  Published bimonthly by Ben Thomas (see author links), the magazine offers up a wide array of stories with a Lovecraftian feel.

I’ll also be part of a special “Feature Author” contest for the magazine, so stay tuned for more information.  In the meantime, be sure to visit their homepage.

The Willows Magazine; January 2008

(upcoming contest author Lawrence Dagstine)




The Willows MySpace:

Featured Authors: David Tallerman, G.D. Falksen, W.M. Stillwaters, John Clewarth, Paul Mannering, and non-fiction by Skadi meic Beorh.


Previous Issues, still available, featuring Lawrence R. Dagstine (November 2007)