The Fifth Di… (December 2007; acceptance)

And they keep coming…Another paying acceptance, small press and this time a reprint, to the December 2007 issue of Sam’s Dot Publishing’s Online Zine, “The Fifth Di…”  J. Alan Erwine and Tyree Campbell put together some quality small press ezines and anthos such as Aoife’s Kiss, The Martian Wave, and of course, The Fifth Di…


I’ll also be appearing in their September 2007 Issue with ‘The Butterfly idealists’, an older story.  (I have about 15 to 20 stories coming out this Fall alone, then more straight through early 2009).  In other news, my blog-turned website viewings have increased.  It is usually never this high.  Strange but “creepy”, seeing that this website is dedicated to my family, the love of prose, and the small press.  Anyway, stay tuned to this blog for upcoming news on me, writing, science fiction, family, the enigma (lol), and more.  😉