Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008… (appearances)

My latest acceptance/appearance comes to the longest running fanzine of science fiction and science fact, Pablo Lennis.  Oort Cloud Publications, VacHume Press.  Edited by John Thiel.  The pages of PL are also where I made my first amateur appearance back in 1996. 

Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008


Fiction & Poetry by: Jeffrey Marzi, Lawrence Dagstine, Gerald Heyder, Joanne Tolson, Bob Bolin, Tracy Milletary, Albert J. Manachino, Gary Every, R.W. Marino Jr., Walter M. Chellberg, Hazil the Witch, Paul Truttman, Herbert Jerry Baker, Steve Sneyd, reviews by Elmwood Kraemer & John Thiel.  Art/Illustrations by Ramos Fumes.

For submissions or ordering info, snail mail only:


30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, IN 47904 


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Satirica Anthology, Edited by Dudgeon… (update!)

I have an update on the speculative fiction anthology Satirica.  It now stands at 110,000 words in length, and features more than 24 stories by a plethora of talented authors from all walks of life (and many countries, too).  I’m honored to have a story in it for later on in the year.  Two of the authors who have been added include Steven J. Dines and Kevin Spiess.


A fictional compendium featuring today’s giants of speculative literature.

SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction


Compiled & Edited by Dudgeon:

Author line-up so far: Joshua Allen, R.J. Astruc, Jason K. Chapman, Gary Cuba, John Parke Davis, Dudgeon, Victor Giannini, Roger Haller, Bill Housley, Dan Kopcow, Lawrence Dagstine, Dan Marcus, Tomas L. Martin, Paul Mannering, Mike Philbin, Anden Sharp, and David Thorpe, Steven J. Dines, and Kevin Spiess.

The Nautilus Engine, Spring 2008… (acceptance)

My latest acceptance comes to a fairly new webzine edited by Christian Klaver.  I’ll have a reprint appearing this Spring (April-May 2008) in The Nautilus Engine —  a magazine with a focus on Robert E. Howard, among others, and tales which contain a speculative mix of ‘weird tale-like’ fantasy and scientific or horrific adventure. 




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Written Word Magazine… (2nd acceptance)

Acceptance No. 290 comes to ‘Written Word Online Magazine‘, and this will be my second appearance within the webzine’s pages.  My first time was back around August or September 2007, with a story called Planned Parenthood.   This time, I should be making my return later in the year, and I may be working on other stories with the web magazine for possible future publication.  A couple of necessary rewrites.  Busy, busy, busy…




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The Ranfurly Review, March 2008… (acceptance)

My latest acceptance comes to an e-publication for their March 2008 issue.  Available for free PDF download, published quarterly and based out of Scotland, The Ranfurly Review features a wide array of genre-eclectic and non-genre based fiction and poetry. 


The Ranfurly Review


NOTE: they are looking for fiction that is engaging and thought provoking, maybe a touch humorous or a tearjerker. Whatever it is, it must be well-written and grab them from the outset. Most rejections are decided upon within the first two paragraphs.


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The Martian Wave, January 2008… (appearances)

You can now find me in the January 2008 edition of J. Alan Erwine’s The Martian Wave.  This would be my 4th appearance with this particular Sam’s Dot Publishing webzine.  The stories make for great reading entertainment, and if you’re someone who writes about the exploration of space and other worlds, this might be just the market for you… 

The Martian Wave

January 2008; Edition 11, No. 1




Featuring fiction & poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Helen B. Henderson, Mark Lawrence, Robert E. Porter, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and Marsheila Rockwell.  Art by Laura Givens & Edited by J. Alan Erwine (

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Nova SF #22, Late Fall 2008… (4th acceptance)

Earlier today I received my 4th acceptance to Nova Science Fiction.  My previous three appearances (Issues #15, #18, and #20) can be found in the November 2007 archives.  I’m not sure if I’ll get the dedicated cover art for a fourth time, but for readers and fans of the publication, I’ll be coming to Issue #22.  Fall 2008, website below.  They pay 1/2 cent per word for quality fiction up to 8,000 words in length.

nova_15mini.jpg  nova_20.jpg  nova_18mini.jpg



Snail-Mailing Address for Submissions:

NOVA Science Fiction

17983 Paseo Del Sol

Chino Hills, CA 91709-3947