Nova SF #20, Late 2007… (Now Available!)

The latest issue of NOVA Scifi, No. 20, is finally available.  NOVA SF is easily one of the best hard, soft, or religious scifi magazines available today in the smaller presses.  Like England’s Jupiter SF (, the stories won’t let you down.  NOVA SF #20 is my third appearance within their pages.  I am also, for the 3rd or 4th time this month, ‘Feature Author’.  The artwork this month is dedicated to my story, “A Soul to the Stars.”


NOVA Science Fiction #20

Featuring Fiction by: Lawrence Dagstine, Robert Anderson, Kevin Coyle, Steve Stanton, Scott Waclawik, and Don Kerr.  Edited by Wesley Kawato.  Cover art by Josh Grieve.  He did a tremendous job; the cover art matches my story’s theme, dead-on! Much respect. 

They’ve been around a few years.  They only accept snail mail submissions.  If you have a manuscript that’s Hard SF or Religious SF and well-written in nature, and you have some kind of science fiction resume to back up your experience, then I’d query them.  They are listed in the Writer’s Market and indexed by Locus Online. 

For Submissions or Queries: Nova Science Fiction, C/O Wesley Kawato, 17983 Paseo Del Sol, Chino Hills, CA  91709-3947


Here are some of my past issue covers.


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