The Willows Magazine, October 2008… (Now Available!)

I’m pleased to announce that the October 2008 Issue of THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE is now available.  A very delightful Halloween print edition indeed, filled with a plethora of steampunk and Neo/Post-Victorian period works of horror and other macabre tales.  Published bimonthly, this is my fourth run as Feature Author with the magazine, and the fiction just gets hotter with each new issue. They’ve been mentioned in The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, so why not join the steampunk movement and read… “The Willows”…!


September-October 2008

The Willows Magazine, September/October 2008

The Willows Magazine, September/October 2008

Featuring Fiction by: Sarah Monette, G.D. Falksen, Lawrence Dagstine, Eric S. Brown, Robey Jenkins, and Michelle Pribbernow. With non-fiction & reviews by Reyna Sparby and Skadi meic Beorh. Edited by Ben Thomas.

Previous Issues featuring Lawrence Dagstine:

(Some may already be sold out; some still available)

The Willows Magazine, May/June 2008
The Willows Magazine, May/June 2008
The Willows Magazine, March 2008
The Willows Magazine, March 2008


Only $5.00 per fiction-filled issue; $25.00 annually for SIX ISSUES!



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Whispering Spirits, Halloween Special… (5th acceptance)

I’ve just been commissioned by Whispering Spirits’ editor, Diana Cacy Hawkins, for a 5th short story run, and this time for a special-themed  Halloween issue. Whispering Spirits is published semi-annually, and its content is based around ghost stories, the supernatural, and the occult.  It’ll be available as a free PDF.



Whispering Spirits

Whispering Spirits

Previous issues have featured such names as Angeline Hawkes, Alexis Child, G.W. Thomas, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Lanaia Lee. 

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The Willows Magazine, October 2008… (5th acceptance)

I come with yet another brand new tale (going for fourth run as a Feature Author), this one spooky and rather historical — actually, the last few tales I’ve written have been somewhat either a) pre-World War or Neo-Victorian meets Post-Victorian, otherwise b) paranormal and steampunkish in storyline/plot architecture.  Still, stay tuned.  I’ll be in the October 2008 Issue of… THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE.  Edited by Ben Thomas.

Some previous Issues featuring Lawrence R. Dagstine

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Article for THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE in The San Francisco Chronicle:

Steampunk Subculture in both genre and fashion is on the rise! Historical Fiction and other weird tales with a Lovecraftian feel, too.  Don’t miss a single issue!

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The Willows Magazine, Nov. 2007… (appearances)

I was just informed that THE WILLOWS MAGAZINE, Issue #3, November 2007 is now available.  I’m one of the Feature Authors this month, along with many others.  If you like Weird Tales, then The Willows will definitely be up your alley. I see I made front cover, too.  Cool. 


The Willows: November 2007

Order Here:

With fiction by: Lawrence Dagstine, G.W. Thomas, Paul Marlowe, G.D.Falksen, and many others.  Don’t miss out on this one.  It’s only $5.00 per issue, and they sell out quick.

About the publication:

 The Willows is an atmospheric horror and dark fantasy magazine with an emphasis on

the traditional weird tale, in the classic style of Blackwood, Dunsany, Hodgson, Machen, Lovecraft, etc.

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Alternate Perceptions #46, Spring 1999…

And now, direct from the DAGSTINE LAND archives… A Blast from the Past…!

November’s Blast from the Past brings us a MAJOR non-fiction UFO/Paranormal magazine from the 1990’s, which was available on Newsstands and in Borders.  Back in the spring of 1999 I put my journalism skills to good use and nabbed my first two-page spread, and my first non-fiction/freelance writing credit.  Hard to believe that was over eight years ago.  I even had my picture between the pages with a theoretical article on a religious subject we know very little about: Angelic and Human association.


The name of my first non-fiction article: “Origins of Man: Were Angels our Teachers and Forefathers?” Between the pages of “Alternate Perceptions”, Non-Fiction Journal of UFOs, History, Native Spirituality, and Paranormal Phenomena.  Yeah, I know… All that fun ‘unsolved mystery’ kind of stuff.  To my knowledge, they’ve switched to an irregular online format:

Here’s what the magazine and editorial staff were all about:

The links above are all that remains of this once great magazine.  When I walked into Borders with my mother and saw Issue#46 on the magazine rack, she told me how proud of me she was.  After all, this was my first non-fiction sale.  I was only 25.  Other features to this issue included an article on Nostradamus by Dr. Greg Little.  Also, non-fiction by Dr. Susan Shumsky, Al Fry, Scott Dow, Brent Raynes (editor), and Dr. Berthold Schwarz MD, among others…

Until next time… 😉

Lawrence R. Dagstine 

Horror Carousel #6 (acceptance)

I just had a story accepted here, a horror print magazine called Horror Carousel.  I’ll be in Issue #6 sometime in the Fall.  Horror Carousel has featured such authors as Susan M. Sailors, Tim Curran, Ken Goldman, Eric S. Brown, Kevin L. Donihe, Jason Sizemore, Cody Goodfellow, Weston Ochse, Darrell Schweitzer, Tom Moran, Cathy Buburuz, Lee Clark Zumpe, Mark Justice, and Aurelio Rico Lopez.


You can check out past issues here:

Edited: This publication has now since gone defunct.  Sorry.