Alternate Perceptions #46, Spring 1999…

And now, direct from the DAGSTINE LAND archives… A Blast from the Past…!

November’s Blast from the Past brings us a MAJOR non-fiction UFO/Paranormal magazine from the 1990’s, which was available on Newsstands and in Borders.  Back in the spring of 1999 I put my journalism skills to good use and nabbed my first two-page spread, and my first non-fiction/freelance writing credit.  Hard to believe that was over eight years ago.  I even had my picture between the pages with a theoretical article on a religious subject we know very little about: Angelic and Human association.


The name of my first non-fiction article: “Origins of Man: Were Angels our Teachers and Forefathers?” Between the pages of “Alternate Perceptions”, Non-Fiction Journal of UFOs, History, Native Spirituality, and Paranormal Phenomena.  Yeah, I know… All that fun ‘unsolved mystery’ kind of stuff.  To my knowledge, they’ve switched to an irregular online format:

Here’s what the magazine and editorial staff were all about:

The links above are all that remains of this once great magazine.  When I walked into Borders with my mother and saw Issue#46 on the magazine rack, she told me how proud of me she was.  After all, this was my first non-fiction sale.  I was only 25.  Other features to this issue included an article on Nostradamus by Dr. Greg Little.  Also, non-fiction by Dr. Susan Shumsky, Al Fry, Scott Dow, Brent Raynes (editor), and Dr. Berthold Schwarz MD, among others…

Until next time… 😉

Lawrence R. Dagstine