Sein Und Werden: Vol. 2, No. 2… (Now Available!)

A couple of magazines from the U.S. and UK arrived today, so I’ll start with this one.  Sein und Werden, Volume 2; Number 2, put out quarterly by the very talented Rachel Kendall and Spyros Heniadis.  The Autumn 2007 Issue is a special themed issue.  The theme is GHOSTS & CLOWNS.  I’m sure readers will pretty much figure out the rest.

Sein Und Werden, Volume 2, No. 2…


Order here:

It features stories by myself and such talented British short fiction authors as Steve Pirie, Kenneth Mulvey, Serena Spinello, Mark Howard Jones, Peter Tennant, and a slew of others.  And yes, Peter Tennant is right, this one does look like the old Ace Doublebacks.

I’ve also added pics of my pets to the Unplanned Parenthood sections.  My cat and fish. 

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