Cemetery Moon, Issue #1… (New Publication!)

I am very impressed with the stories in this one.  It’s a ‘4theLUV’ print market put out by Editor Chris Pisano of Fortress Publishing Inc., but still it’s NICE.  It’s only $4.00 and the overall quality, author line-up, and stories are great.  You’ll recognize most of the names below:

Cemetery Moon #1


Fortress Publishing Inc: www.fortresspublishinginc.com/

Submissions or Ordering Info: cemeterymoon@yahoo.com

Fortress Publishing on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/85401265

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Barry J. House, Kristine Ong Muslim, John Hayes, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, C.A. Kerr, Christopher Hivner, Lawrence R. Dagstine, and Ken Goldman.


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