Escape Velocity, Issue #1… (Now Available!)

Escape Velocity Issue #1, Volume #1. 


Ordering Info:

Published by Adventure Books of Seattle.  Only $8.99, 168 pages.

Featuring SF by: A.W. Gifford, Alex S. Weinle, Geoff Nelder, Yvonne Eve Walus, Barbara Krasnoff, Gideon Kane Cross, Michael Anderson, Vincent F.A. Golphin, Paul A. Freeman, Clyde Andrews, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Eddie French, Sheila Crosby, Gustavo Bondoni, TJ McIntyre, Jaine Fenn, Matthew Spence, Carmelo Rafala, and Magdalena Ball. 

Edit: This entry originally appeared in Oct., but I didn’t have a lineup until now.