OG’s Speculative Fiction #9… (Now Available!)

I have a story up in the current edition of ‘The Opinion Guy’ (a.k.a. OG’s Speculative Fiction).  The editor is Seth Crossman, and he runs a very nice quarterly SF publication.  I highly recommend it.  Past contributors have included such poets and authors as Kristine Ong Muslim, Karen Romanko, and Angeline Hawkes.  And yes, I’m on the cover again.

OG’s Speculative Fiction #9


Link: www.theopinionguy.com

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Steven Mathes, David C. Tallerman, Lawrence R. Dagstine and Elizabeth Barette.  Cover Art by Anselmo Alliegro. 


The Opinion Guy promises not to disappoint. It usually runs between 24 and 30 pages, but they’re also available in a print format through LULU for promotional purposes at SF conventions around the country.  So, if for the hell of it, you’d like to own a print copy, just go here: http://www.theopinionguy.com/page2.html

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