New Zombie Books: “RISE: Anthology of the Undead…”

If you are a fan of zombies, then I am pleased to announce that I have a brand new undead tale about parenthood, life after death, belonging, and unrequited love, in Wicked Shadow Press’s debut anthology: “RISE: Anthology of the Undead.” Interesting lineup of authors here, and some really interesting and original zombie stories. 250 Pages, Edited by Parth Sarathi Chakraborty, and available in paperback and in digital format (Kindle Unlimited). It is available in the US and UK, not sure, but maybe India too. Wicked Shadow Press is a new small press publisher mostly specializing in horror. Links and pics below with info.



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New Entries: “Books & Anthos”

Smashwords: “The Paraplegic” by Lawrence Dagstine – Now Available!

For only 99 cents, you can now own my vampire novelette, The Paraplegic.  Available at Smashwords.  Just click on the picture below, or, see what other low-cost titles I have available.  I even have a free science fiction story you could try out, and in the coming months I will be downloading more stories at no cost (usually under 5,000 words); I’ll also be coming to Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, Kobo and Nexus.  Novelettes and novellas will always be at the right price.  Quality, plot-driven stories, characters we care about: because that’s what matters first and foremost.  Science fiction, fantasy, horror and more in Mobi, ePub, PDF, and a variety of other formats.  You’ll be able to order them direct from here (eBooks & Kindle), or be redirected.  Also be sure to follow me on social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.  There will be cool contests in the coming months and free reading material will go out to my 5,000th Facebook follower and my 500th Twitter follower.  Cover art by Bob Veon.


Now Available at Smashwords – ONLY 99 cents!


When Herbert was told he had amnesia, he knew things were bad.  When he couldn’t feel anything below the waist, he got scared.  When the doctor told him he’d be paralyzed for life, he got depressed and wanted to die.  After all, no one wants to be a paraplegic.  But what made him crippled so suddenly? Did somebody do this to him? And if so, why? Now in the hospital, undergoing intensive surgery, little does Herbert know that the force responsible isn’t done with him, not by a long shot! Something’s coming back.  There’s a little unfinished business to take care of, and it comes in the form of vampires.

Get your favorite Dagstine stories in under a minute. Click below: Smashwords_Tall75

Bloody October Anthology… (Now Available!)

Fresh off of the presses and now available is editor Christopher Allan Death’s ten-story Halloween anthology, BLOODY OCTOBER.  Great tales, trick or treat.  Published by Corpulent Insanity Press, and run by the creators of the Midnight Horror E-Zine.  This is Corpulent’s first collection, and I can’t recommend it enough! 

BLOODY OCTOBER Anthology – Edited by Christopher Allan Death

‘A Collection of Chilling Tales inspired by The Haunted Season’

Also Available on (last I checked the sales rank was around 180,000):

Featuring spooky tales by: Christopher Fulbright, Rob Rosen, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Tom Johnstone, Karen L. Newman, Christopher Allen Death, Sam Leng, Kris Ashton, Aaron L. Polson, and Catherine J. Gardner.  Cover art by Steve L. Cartwright.

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Bloody October Anthology… (Coming Halloween!)

From the publishers of Midnight Horror and the folks behind Corpulent Sanity Press.  A new kind of anthology.  Ten fine writers.  Ten fine stories.  Ten to be revealed. 


An anthology inspired by the haunted season…

Edited by Christopher Allan Death


Other New Entries: “Books & Anthos”

Midnight Horror, January-Feb. 2008… (appearances)

This one must have skipped my mind.  Midnight Horror is a small amateur-paying webzine, put out by a free web host (Fortunecity), and features a decent line-up of authors.  The reading is free for the picking, so why not check them out? I have a short in it called Zombie Camp. 


MIDNIGHT HORROR – January/February 2008



Fiction Page:

Featuring Fiction by: Tom Conoboy, Jonathan Daniel, Herbert Tinsley, Nathan Tyree, Tracie McBride, R.S. Pyne, Tom Johnstone, Brian G. Ross, Dawn Sholun, Sophie Bachard, Eric S. Brown, Guy Belleranti, David Byron, John Towler, Lawrence Dagstine, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III. 


In other news, I guess you can see that I’ve changed my blog template.  It looks more like a regular website now, which was the feel I was going for to celebrate over 10,000 hits in just a few months time.  I’m sure those are not all unique hits, but it’s still pretty decent in my opinion.  Another reason is because change is always needed when something big and wonderful is about to happen not too far down the road. Could it have something to do with my new Lightning Source book account to retrieve authors for pay rates of 3 to 7 cents per word? Does it mark the beginning of my small press art gig, Soberiffic? Editing services? A recent book deal? A crossover to non-fiction? Wait, 300 publishing credits is coming to you, ain’t it? Well, yes, it is.  Soon.  That will probably be a blog entry by itself; and it’s pretty obvious this site will be under heavy renovation for some time to come.

Be aware, some things have changed:About Me now features a small curriculum vitae, with my educational background.  Average education for an average guy — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I dumped Movies & Videos; it served no purpose.  Unplanned Parenthood is now called Family Album.  And last but not least, a new story is up in Short Fiction Sample for your reading pleasure, entitled: “Devil Child”.  Enjoy…  😉

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Midnight Horror, January 2008… (acceptance)

My most recent acceptance is to a small-paying, but nice little horror fiction Ezine, called: MIDNIGHT HORROR.  I’ll appear with a story in their January 2008 Issue.  I will also be appearing as 1 of 10 horror writers slated for their Halloween 2008 print anthology, Bloody October.


Some of the authors they’ve featured in the past include Eric S. Brown, Nathan Tyree, and Tom Conoboy.