Einstein’s Pocket Watch, July to September 2010…

You can now find me for a second time  in what has become a very popular and free webzine for writers of poetry, inspirational stories, Christian and Experimental Fiction, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Christian Science Fiction, literary, and more or less stories that are uplifting.  NO horror pieces.  Friend and editor Rob Crandall presents: Einstein’s Pocket Watch.  Rather than genre this time, I have a mainstream piece.  It’s a wonderful blog webzine.  Do check it out.

Einstein’s Pocket Watch – July to Sept. 2010

2nd Appearances – Mainstream – Edited by Rob Crandall

Fiction & Poetry in link below:



Photography: “From Train Site On World Wide Web”

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Sein Und Werden, Summer 2008… (appearances)

It’s been a year, but I’m back – back in Rachel Kendall’s SEIN UND WERDEN.  Popular among short story enthusiasts and poets in the UK, Sein Und Werden is published quarterly and themed.  However, its basic scope is on works of speculative or weird fiction with a literary feel, surrealism, existentialism, miserablist fiction, and lots more.  Over the years it’s featured some of Britain’s finest short story writers.  This particular issue would be the MAPS Edition… Being and Becoming…


Summer 2008 Theme: MAPS Edition




Fiction, Poetry, & Art by: Jim Steel, Lee Rourke, Peter Tennant, Daniel Y. Harris, Lawrence Dagstine, Brent Powers, W.S. Fisher, Michael Blackburn, Michael Loughrey, Marie Lecrivain, Michael Pittman, Juliet Cook, Patrick Sullivan, John Brewer, Marc Lowe, Laura Forgie, D. Thornburgh, Kevin Brown, Miliana Sesartic, Sean Ruane, Willie Smith, B. Drew Collier, Misti-Rainwater Lites, and Mark Howard Jones.

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One Year Blog-a-versary


With that said, I’ve been blogging and promoting magazines for exactly one year today, June 6th; also, famously known as D-Day. Hmm, amazing how time flies…  

Sein Und Werden, Summer 2008… (2nd acceptance)

Today’s acceptance is to Rachel Kendall’s very popular existentialist and surreal literature publication, Sein Und Werden.  Available in the UK.  They not only feature experimental prose, but artwork and poetry in their print version(s), too.  Each issue has featured renowned names in the British short story arena, and has its own unique theme.  Next issue’s theme is a “mathematical-meets-speculative” one, if I’m not mistaken (or ologies). The current issue is themed: Clandestine Encounters.

This would be my 2nd upcoming appearance…


Details Here: http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/sein.html

Previous Issues featuring Lawrence Dagstine…


Happy Cinco de Mayo…! 

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Sein Und Werden: Vol. 2, No. 2… (Now Available!)

A couple of magazines from the U.S. and UK arrived today, so I’ll start with this one.  Sein und Werden, Volume 2; Number 2, put out quarterly by the very talented Rachel Kendall and Spyros Heniadis.  The Autumn 2007 Issue is a special themed issue.  The theme is GHOSTS & CLOWNS.  I’m sure readers will pretty much figure out the rest.

Sein Und Werden, Volume 2, No. 2…


Order here: http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/print.html

It features stories by myself and such talented British short fiction authors as Steve Pirie, Kenneth Mulvey, Serena Spinello, Mark Howard Jones, Peter Tennant, and a slew of others.  And yes, Peter Tennant is right, this one does look like the old Ace Doublebacks.

I’ve also added pics of my pets to the Unplanned Parenthood sections.  My cat and fish. 

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