Tightbeam #268, November 2013… (appearances)

My science fiction story, The Starship Hanoi, is in the current issue of Tightbeam.  Tightbeam is the official zine of the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), an organization created in 1941 with a very large audience in SF fandom (it’s also a club with dues); Tightbeam has been around since 1960, and has a pretty healthy circulation at numerous SF/F conventions.  They have fiction, non-fiction, book reviews (all mostly unsolicited), and con reports between their pages.  My story is about The Vietnamese Life Cycle and what inertia will bring to an Asian colony (and culture) in the far future.  It’s a story of the burdens of technology and progress, really.  Links to free download and N3F website below (also in print).  Issue #268, edited by David Speakman.


***November 2013***

Official Zine of the National Fantasy Fan Federation


The National Fantasy Fan Website (est. 1941):


Tightbeam (est. 1960, free download):


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M-BRANE SF: Issue #9, Fall 2009… (coming soon!)

Slowly catching up, slowly getting there.  My second of three Mars-related stories will appear in M-BRANE SF around the Fall.  Issue #9.  This is my 2nd appearance with them.  They’ve recently released print versions of issues #1 through #5, and No. #6 may already be out.  They are also available via PDF subscription (very affordable!), which I highly recommend checking out.  The publication features many forms of scifi, non-fiction, and analyses of the genre itself.   It has a retro-60’s feel.  Sort of like the pulps.  They’ve featured many familiar names in the SF short fiction arena. 

M-Brane SF

M-BRANE SF is not only a PDF and print publication but a regular science fiction news source, too.  One of the ideas they’re juggling around right now is a ‘Shared World’ theme, which might be of interest to genre lovers.

Direct Link to Shared World Project:


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence R. Dagstine

M-Brane SF Issue#2





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M-BRANE SF: Issue #2, March 2009… (Now Available!)

The second issue of M-BRANE SF has just hit the Internet with a March edition to die for.  It’s a fast-growing venue with a positive future ahead of it.  Some decent writers have already submitted to it, like Rick Novy and Cat Rambo.  I have a story in Issue #2, and not only is the magazine well-formatted and very affordable for this economy, but I believe it is available in a few formats.  I recommend trying it out.  The PDF is only $12.00 for a whole year! For twelve issues, how can you beat that price? Christopher Fletcher gives his personal summations, too, on who’s who and what’s what involving the genre.  Not just Hard Science Fiction.  Love the retro 60’s feel!



Issue #2; March 2009

M-Brane SF Issue#2

M-Brane SF Issue#2





M-Brane SF

M-Brane SF

Featuring Work by: David McGillveray, Michael Griffiths, Lawrence Dagstine, Tim Mulcahy, Abby ‘Merc’ Rustard, Lawrence Barker, Jannett Grady, James Hartley, and Jeffrey Sims.  Edited by Christopher Fletcher.

A print version should be available on or around March 15th, 2009.

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Pablo Lennis #250, September 2008… (appearances)

I’ve missed the last few months worth of fanzine entries, so I’ll start again fresh here. I have a story in the special — and rather thick, might I add — 250th Anniversary Issue of Scifi’s longest running fanzine.  PABLO LENNIS, Issue #250… 22 Years in print.  And over that 22 year period, tons of great authors and poets, prolific and new, have come and gone.  To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the last snail mails of its kind left.  It’s where my fiction first saw print back in the mid-90’s, and it’s edited by John Thiel of Indiana.  John, God Bless, and here’s to the next 250 issues…

PABLO LENNIS: Issue #250, September 2008

250th Anniversary Edition

Submissions or $2.00 per sample issue

SEND TO: PABLO LENNIS, 30 N. 19th Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47904

There’s a ton of reprinted short stories over the last two decades from some very fine and familiar authors — old-schoolers! Not to mention articles on science and religion, book and movie reviews, and SF poetry.

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Pablo Lennis, May 2008… (appearances)

Been a long month in the writing department (so many short stories to churn out for so many places), but my latest acceptance is actually a last-minute reprint, and it comes to one of the longest running zines of science fiction and fantasy literature.  PABLO LENNIS.  Issue No. #246.

PABLO LENNIS #246; May 2008

Like last month’s issue, its contents are rather abstract in form.  It’s also the first issue in quite some time to feature a thin, semi-gloss cover.

This issue features works by: Lawrence Dagstine, Paul Truttman, Steve Sneyd, Albert Manachino, Gerald Heyder, John Binns, Herbert Jerry Baker, Peter Layton, Rose Gordy, Gary Every, and Joanne Tolson.

Their snail mail address for submissions:

Pablo Lennis

30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, Indiana 47904


Also, now up from Whispers of Wickedness, and archived at the bottom of the ‘READINGS & REVIEWS’ section, my review for one of the newest and most popular counterculture literary journals to hit the UK.  They have featured such names as Jeff VanderMeer, Rhys Hughes, and Steve Redwood.  I’ll be in their fourth issue myself, with a gay fiction piece.  Polluto also marks my first literary journal acceptance.  😉

ORDER HERE: www.polluto.com

SEE REVIEW HERE: http://www.ookami.co.uk/html/polluto__1.html

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Pablo Lennis #245, April 2008… (appearances)

Been a long month, but my latest acceptance/appearance is number… Oh, just kidding, no need to count anymore.  But seriously, my latest comes to one of the longest running zines of science fiction and fantasy.  PABLO LENNIS.  Issue No. #245; I’m actually anticipating their 250th anniversary issue in five months from now.  Not many publications other than perhaps a few pros last 250 issues.  They’re edited monthly by John Thiel, and put out by VacHume Press, Oort Cloud Publications…

PABLO LENNIS #245; April 2008


It’s a rather abstract issue, and I don’t only mean the art and fiction, but the book reviews and article subjects, too.  Oh yeah, and did I mention poetry?

This issue features works by: Rose Gordy, Steve Sneyd, Paul Truttman, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Gerald Heyder, Albert J. Manachino, Peter Layton, William Wake Wallace, McArthur Gunter, Hazil the Witch, Gary Every, Joanne Tolson, Elmwood Kraemer, and artwork by Maxine Colby. 


Available in Indiana, their snail mail address for submissions is:

Pablo Lennis

30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, Indiana 47904

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Pablo Lennis #244, March 2008… (appearances)

Acceptance No. 299 is also an appearance, and it comes to one of the longest running scifi fanzines out there (since the 1980’s).  PABLO LENNIS.  They also feature poetry, book reviews, movie reviews, news involving hard science and more.  Edited by John Thiel, and published by Oort Cloud Publications, VacHume Press.

Pablo Lennis, No. #244; March 2008


Featuring Great Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry by: Bob Bolin, Jim Sullivan, Paul Truttman, E. Mark Mitchell, Joanne Tolson, Albert J. Manachino, William Wallace, Rose Gordy, Hazil the Witch, Gerald Heyder, R.W. Marino Jr., Gary Every, Steve Sneyd, Elmwood Kraemer, Peter Layton, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Herbert Jerry Baker, and MORE…

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Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008… (appearances)

My latest acceptance/appearance comes to the longest running fanzine of science fiction and science fact, Pablo Lennis.  Oort Cloud Publications, VacHume Press.  Edited by John Thiel.  The pages of PL are also where I made my first amateur appearance back in 1996. 

Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008


Fiction & Poetry by: Jeffrey Marzi, Lawrence Dagstine, Gerald Heyder, Joanne Tolson, Bob Bolin, Tracy Milletary, Albert J. Manachino, Gary Every, R.W. Marino Jr., Walter M. Chellberg, Hazil the Witch, Paul Truttman, Herbert Jerry Baker, Steve Sneyd, reviews by Elmwood Kraemer & John Thiel.  Art/Illustrations by Ramos Fumes.

For submissions or ordering info, snail mail only:


30 N. 19th Street

Lafayette, IN 47904 


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