Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008… (appearances)

My latest acceptance/appearance comes to the longest running fanzine of science fiction and science fact, Pablo Lennis.  Oort Cloud Publications, VacHume Press.  Edited by John Thiel.  The pages of PL are also where I made my first amateur appearance back in 1996. 

Pablo Lennis #243, February 2008


Fiction & Poetry by: Jeffrey Marzi, Lawrence Dagstine, Gerald Heyder, Joanne Tolson, Bob Bolin, Tracy Milletary, Albert J. Manachino, Gary Every, R.W. Marino Jr., Walter M. Chellberg, Hazil the Witch, Paul Truttman, Herbert Jerry Baker, Steve Sneyd, reviews by Elmwood Kraemer & John Thiel.  Art/Illustrations by Ramos Fumes.

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