Midnight Horror, January-Feb. 2008… (appearances)

This one must have skipped my mind.  Midnight Horror is a small amateur-paying webzine, put out by a free web host (Fortunecity), and features a decent line-up of authors.  The reading is free for the picking, so why not check them out? I have a short in it called Zombie Camp. 


MIDNIGHT HORROR – January/February 2008

Homepage: http://midnighthorror.fortunecity.com/


Fiction Page: http://midnighthorror.fortunecity.com/authors.html

Featuring Fiction by: Tom Conoboy, Jonathan Daniel, Herbert Tinsley, Nathan Tyree, Tracie McBride, R.S. Pyne, Tom Johnstone, Brian G. Ross, Dawn Sholun, Sophie Bachard, Eric S. Brown, Guy Belleranti, David Byron, John Towler, Lawrence Dagstine, and Aurelio Rico Lopez III. 


In other news, I guess you can see that I’ve changed my blog template.  It looks more like a regular website now, which was the feel I was going for to celebrate over 10,000 hits in just a few months time.  I’m sure those are not all unique hits, but it’s still pretty decent in my opinion.  Another reason is because change is always needed when something big and wonderful is about to happen not too far down the road. Could it have something to do with my new Lightning Source book account to retrieve authors for pay rates of 3 to 7 cents per word? Does it mark the beginning of my small press art gig, Soberiffic? Editing services? A recent book deal? A crossover to non-fiction? Wait, 300 publishing credits is coming to you, ain’t it? Well, yes, it is.  Soon.  That will probably be a blog entry by itself; and it’s pretty obvious this site will be under heavy renovation for some time to come.

Be aware, some things have changed:About Me now features a small curriculum vitae, with my educational background.  Average education for an average guy — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I dumped Movies & Videos; it served no purpose.  Unplanned Parenthood is now called Family Album.  And last but not least, a new story is up in Short Fiction Sample for your reading pleasure, entitled: “Devil Child”.  Enjoy…  😉

Other New Entries: “About Me, Family Album, Short Fiction Sample & Soberiffic Arts”