Sounds of the Night, Feb. 2008… (Now Available!)

My latest print appearance comes to Sounds of the Night, Issue #2.  This new magazine, published semi-annually by Sam’s Dot, features a wonderful array of mild erotic poetry and sensual or romantic short stories within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Imagine the sexy, steamy love story meets the interplanetary explorer’s tale — or better yet, a werewolf encounter full of romanticisms, and you get my story. 

Sounds of the Night; February 2008


Sounds of the Night is available at… THE GENRE MALL

Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Sarah Kelderman, Domyelle Rhyse, L.A. Story Houry, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Tim Ahrens & Neil Riebe, Cathy Buburuz, Edward M. Turner, RH Fay, Marge Simon, Tyree Campbell, Kimberly Ann Creighton, Toni V. Sweeney, Jennifer Crow, Lee Clarke Zumpe, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Rena Sherwood, Todd Hanks, and with a review of Ken Goldman’s new book…

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