Midnight Times; Darkness e-Zine… (acceptance)

Acceptance No. 295 will come sometime later this year to Editor Jay Manning’s Midnight Times web magazine; A Darkness e-Zine for Creative Minds.  Themed, too.  This would be my second acceptance with the publication — I first appeared four years ago with The Ghouls of Charon, and back then I had only sixty credits to my name (the old bio brought back some fond memories).


Homepage: www.midnighttimes.com

The Ghouls of Charon by Lawrence Dagstine:


(Summer 2004 Back Issue – Free Reading)

In terms of webzines, I would have to say Midnight Times is one of the longest running in  regards to supernatural and traditional horror; articles centered around the paranormal, too.  I first found them listed in the Writer’s Market back in 2004.  Nice to see they’re still around…

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