Barren Worlds, SF Anthology… (coming soon!)

Good news! I finally have some information available on one of those semi-pro anthology credits I got back in December.  If I remember correctly, I think it was no. 285.  The name of the anthology, edited by Eric T. Reynolds (with Adam Nakama), and put out by Hadley Rille Books, is called BARREN WORLDS.  Right now it’s scheduled for a February-March 2008 release, and the anthology is themedWorlds which are barren or void of life. There’s another anthology, which runs in a similar vein, entitled: Desolate Places.

BARREN WORLDS (prototype cover):


For more details about this and other soon-to-be-released science fiction anthologies by Hadley Rille Books, simply go here:

Or visit Eric T. Reynolds Livejournal for more information:

Naturally, when it’s released I’ll post ordering info, author line-up, finalized cover, and any other pertinent stuff.  Probably the best thing about being part of these anthologies is that they’ve featured major players in the science fiction arena, and that they often get a nod from the SFWA.  They’ve been recommended for the Nebula Award, featuring such authors as James Van Pelt and Justin Stanchfield.

In other news, my short story collection from Sam’s Dot Publishing is coming along quite nicely.  So far seven brand new stories have been added to the 40,000+ word book, and it’s time for me to name it.  But what should I call it? Let’s find out together, shall we…?

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