Purpleverse Vol. #3, Final Issue… (Now Available!)

It’s finally here. Purpleverse Magazine Volume #3, and the artwork this time around is on overload! Featuring two-and-a-half stories by myself (one of them a novelette), and tons of other juicy names, such as Darren Randle, P.S. Gifford, and Faye Sizemore.  Also, this will be Purpleverse’s last issue.  Available in three different formats, and kudos to all who have been involved in this project from start to finish; the fiction and horror illustrations are totally off the hook!

Purpleverse Vol. #3


Artwork by Zach Pennington

BLOG HOMEPAGE: http://purpleverse.com/blog/

Table of Contents:

Standing In The House – Ney Nosivad
Life: Chapter 21 – Ney Nosivad
True Love Waits – Ney Nosivad
Never Before – P.S.Gifford
The Horror Writer – P.S. Gifford
Cursed! – P.S. Gifford
Moonlight and Memory – Faye Sizemore
My Treasure – Bas de Jong
Doll-maker – Caleb L. Mabry
Ebb of Flow – Caleb L. Mabry
A bit of dirt never hurt anyone – P.S.Gifford
Winthrop – P.S.Gifford
Torture. – P.S.Gifford
Biological Takedown (Pt. 1 of 2) – Lawrence R. Dagstine
The Children Must Die – Lawrence R. Dagstine
Cookies – Faye Sizemore
Altar – Faye Sizemore
A Lonely Itch – Bas de Jong
One Chance – Bas de Jong
Goodbye Sweet 8 – Darren Randle
The Slaying Of Granny – Darren Randle
Vampire 1970 – Lawrence R. Dagstine
The Messy Divorce – Mark R. Masters
Full Moon – Mark R. Masters

The book is available in three formats (from the editor):

FULL COLOR SPECIAL EDITION. This sadly comes in at quite a hefty cost due to the color. It does, however, really showcase the art and photos. The best way to see the book.

STANDARD EDITION. Full color covers, black and white interiors.

PDF EDITION. Full color download; the cheapest format.

All money from sales will go directly into the new Purpleverse project and will go towards promotions, future payments to authors, etc.

It’s a sad day to end Purpleverse magazine, but it’s a great compilation to bow out on. Thanks to all who’ve helped, contributed, and purchased these books over the years. Details will be posted on www.purpleverse.com and books can be purchased via www.lulu.com/purpleverse

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