Satirica Anthology, Edited by Dudgeon… (update!)

I have an update on the speculative fiction anthology Satirica.  It now stands at 110,000 words in length, and features more than 24 stories by a plethora of talented authors from all walks of life (and many countries, too).  I’m honored to have a story in it for later on in the year.  Two of the authors who have been added include Steven J. Dines and Kevin Spiess.


A fictional compendium featuring today’s giants of speculative literature.

SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction


Compiled & Edited by Dudgeon:

Author line-up so far: Joshua Allen, R.J. Astruc, Jason K. Chapman, Gary Cuba, John Parke Davis, Dudgeon, Victor Giannini, Roger Haller, Bill Housley, Dan Kopcow, Lawrence Dagstine, Dan Marcus, Tomas L. Martin, Paul Mannering, Mike Philbin, Anden Sharp, and David Thorpe, Steven J. Dines, and Kevin Spiess.