Surprising Stories #16, Jan. 2008… (appearances)

New Years 2008 starts off with a BANG! And acceptance/appearance no. 286.  A good old fashioned SF webzine with a plethora of wholesome reading material.  Surprising Stories.  This edition features an interview and dedication to the late Jack Williamson, too.


Issue #16; January 2008


Featuring: “The Doomsday Initiative” by Lawrence Dagstine


With fiction by: Jeffrey Marzi, Joanne Tolson, Rose Gordy, Herbert Jerry Baker, Bonnie P. Newton, Ray Reents, Archie V. Taylor, Brian McGrady, Keith E. Jones, Dale A. White, Kevin Ahearn, Larry Gaffney, poetry and MORE!


Also, new in Readings & Reviews:

My review of Jupiter SF #18, Themisto


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