Whispering Spirits, Halloween Special… (5th acceptance)

I’ve just been commissioned by Whispering Spirits’ editor, Diana Cacy Hawkins, for a 5th short story run, and this time for a special-themed  Halloween issue. Whispering Spirits is published semi-annually, and its content is based around ghost stories, the supernatural, and the occult.  It’ll be available as a free PDF.



Whispering Spirits

Whispering Spirits


Previous issues have featured such names as Angeline Hawkes, Alexis Child, G.W. Thomas, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Lanaia Lee. 

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Whispering Spirits #18, April 2008… (acceptance)

The following acceptance was last minute…  Whispering Spirits invited me to be Feature Author for their April 2008 edition.  This would be my fourth acceptance with them in total.  Edited by Diana Cacy Hawkins, the semi-annual webzine has become a talented showcase of ghost stories, dark poetry, and tales of the supernatural.  My story is available as a PDF download, and this edition contains an extra ten pages worth of juicy fiction.

Whispering Spirits: April 2008, Issue #18


Featuring Fiction & Poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Wayne Summers, G.W. Thomas, Mary C. White, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Lanaia Lee.

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In other news, I’ll also be appearing in four more spec-fic anthologies between this year and next (about the first two, for now).  One, which has already found a publisher is, SATIRICA: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction.  When I get more details, publishing information, lineups, stuff like that, I’ll be sure to post it.  Next, another SF anthology worth reserving, and edited by Darlene Oakley, would be: EISODOS STATION and Other Adventures.


Coming Soon…

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