Worlds of Wonder, July-August 2008… (coming soon!)

For those wondering whatever happened to Worlds of Wonder, it’s under new editorial-publishing management.  It’s also coming soon as a print magazine.  A little bit late at the presses, but you’ll soon find me among their July-August 2008 lineup of what, for several years, was known to many writers simply as “WOWzine“. 

WORLDS OF WONDER: A Lilley Press Publication

Magazine of Speculative Fiction – July/August 2008

The new format looks great.  It’s been expanded upon, and has been taken over by Lilley Press.  The name and theme of my story, “The Hell Walker”, was originally based off this concept I had for a comic book character.  A priest.  One who is self-righteous and has the ability to travel through Gehenna, and do charitable deeds for demons and other creatures.

Other recent magazine additions include the June, July, and August issues of PABLO LENNIS.  More acceptances/appearances coming soon (business as usual).

And in the last two days, since my arrival home from the hospital, probably one of the best “Get Well” presents I’ve ever received… Yeah, we all collected them at one point or another. 

Larry Smurf…


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