SF CROWSNEST.COM Reviews Jupiter #22…

And there’s yet another positive review of my story ‘A Virtual Affair’, from Issue #22 of Jupiter, over at Stephen Hunt’s: SF CROWSNEST.COM (www.sfcrowsnest.com).  Like SF REVU, this would be another good venue dedicated to science fiction and fantasy.  Conducted by Rod MacDonald, you can find the review link below…


Jupiter #22 (Harpalyke)


READ HERE: http://www.sfcrowsnest.com/articles/books/2008/nz13228.php

ORDER JUPITER #22: www.jupitersf.co.uk

OTHER REVIEW: https://lawrencedagstine.com/2008/11/05/sf-revu-reviews-jupiter-22-and-tales-of-the-talisman/

I’ll add SF Crowsnest to Author Resources.  Other than that, over the past three weeks I’ve nabbed another six story acceptances for various publications throughout 2009.

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JUPITER SF, October 2008; Issue #22… (appearances)

Now available in print is my fifth appearance to one of England’s longest-running — and also most widely read next to Interzone — small press magazines of Hard Science Fiction/Space Exploration.  JUPITER SF.  Edited quarterly by Ian Redman, Jupiter has become home to many prolific names and British stars in the speculative fiction field today.  A magazine worth checking out, and with stories that are sure to please.  Over five years running, each issue is aptly named after a satellite either orbiting Jupiter or within close trajectory.


October 2008 – Issue #22

 ORDER HERE: www.jupitersf.co.uk

Featuring work by: Geoff Nelder, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Carmelo Rafala, Gareth D. Jones, Simon Petrie, and David Vickery.  Cover artwork by R.J. Bartrop. 

Previous FOUR Issues featuring Lawrence R. Dagstine

Issues #12, #13, #15, and #17

jupiter12.jpg  jupiter13.jpg

jupiter15.jpg  carrlihoe.jpg

Also, order these magazines above and other great SF titles from THE GENRE MALLhttp://www.genremall.com/contents.htm

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Jupiter SF, October 2008… (5th acceptance)

My latest acceptance for the month of April 2008 is actually my 5th over the last two-three years to editor Ian Redman’s ‘JUPITER SF’.  It’s one of the UK-Small Press’s most widely read hard science fiction publications, and probably just behind Interzone.  Published quarterly, they are now in their fifth year of existence.  In today’s marketplace not too many small magazines last that long but, due to its popularity, JUPITER has defied those odds. 


Previous Issues Featuring Lawrence Dagstine

jupiter12.jpg   jupiter13.jpg

jupiter15.jpg   carrlihoe.jpg

ORDER HERE: www.jupitersf.co.uk

I’ll be coming their way again in October 2008…

Authors featured over the years include: Lavie Tidhar, Gareth D. Jones, Gustavo Bondoni, Kristine Ong Muslim, Edward Rodosek, Allan Ashley and Andrew Hook, Lawrence Dagstine, Nigel Atkinson, Jim Steel, Gary McMahon, Lee Clarke Zumpe, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Eric S. Brown, Lee Moan, Peter Tennant, Davin Ireland, and Christina Sng. 

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