The Nautilus Engine, April 2008… (appearances)

You can now find a reprint of mine in the April 2008 edition of THE NAUTILUS ENGINE (Vol. 1, no. 4).  Edited by Christian Klaver.   The publication primarily focuses on “weird tales”, or those little horror and dark fantasy stories which are easily comparable to the works of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells.

The Nautilus Engine

April 2008 – Volume 1, Number 4


Volume 1, Issue 4 Fiction by: Lawrence R. Dagstine, Heath Lowrance, Noel Penaflor, Michael John Grist, John B. Rosenman, and Christian Klaver.

The Ashen Eye, June 2008… (acceptance)

My latest acceptance comes to The Ashen Eye, which is a fairly new webzine combined with a blog component.  The sole purpose: promotion and exposure for the budding horror author.   Not just a great chilling tale.  The design is pretty creepy, too.  I can see this one going places in time, as webzines uploaded with blogs now through Wordpress and others seem to be one of the latest things to hit horror fandom.  They also plan on releasing a print version later on this year.  The publication is edited by Bas de Jong.



Fiction line-ups include: Jim Kelley, David Price, Greg Schwartz, Lorne Dixon, Alexis Child, Barry Wood, Aquilla Rage, Troy Barnes, David Byron, and Ben Eads among others.

Edited to Add: I have good news.  I might be appearing in their premiere “print” issue.  This will happen some time between late June and early July 2008.  I will keep everyone updated.

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