Escape Velocity #3, April 2008… (appearances)

Well, various  Web-based messageboard communities almost collapsed a second time yesterday because certain folks just weren’t sure whether or not Lawrence Dagstine was going to appear in ESCAPE VELOCITY, Issue #3.  Check the Table of Contents, I’m there.  I had mistakenly been left out due to a ‘substitute story email being missed’ or crossed somehow.  It seems Escape Velocity has changed its word lengths, too, and they now prefer much SHORTER works.  My original story for them was just too long, and somehow no communication came of this.  But, thanks to Robert Blevins, editor for the magazine, the problem has been solved

ESCAPE VELOCITY; April 2008, Issue #3

The Magazine of Science Fact and Fiction

So, the sky is not falling…

Featuring work by: Sheila Crosby, Dean Grondo, Kevin Gordon, Michael Penncavage, Branden Johnson, Barbara Krasnoff, Michael Anderson, Ivan Pavlov, Ben Cheetham, Shaun A. Saunders, Lawrence Dagstine, Magdalena Ball, and MORE. 

Escape Velocity #3 also contains lots of juicy non-fiction, such as an article on the The Mars Statue, a special tribute to Science Fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke (which, with its stunning full color pictures, makes the issue worth every nickel), and full coverage of the Northwestern Science Fiction Convention… NORWESCON 31. 

A review of Escape Velocity #1 at THE FIX (according to the editor, mine was one of the best stories; scroll down):

In other news, I have a LOAD of acceptances and great news coming your way.  Queries for roughly two more short story collections, a possible novella deal, I’m working with an agent (wouldn’t you like to know who he or she is)… And if you missed my last entry, well, guess what? Here it is again.  I’m Feature Author for THE WILLOWS for their March 2008 issue!

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