The Martian Wave, Issue #1… (coming soon!)

It’s no secret that over the last ten years some of my earliest science fiction works first appeared in venues such as The Fifth Di… and The Martian Wave, or on the Sam’s Dot Publishing roster in general (they’re also the publisher of my debut collection, Fresh Blood).  Over the years, The Martian Wave has provided a home to such prolific talents as Bruce Boston, Rick Novy, Kristine Ong Muslim, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Justin Stanchfield, Scott Virtes, Terrie Leigh Relf, and David Lee Summers.  And that’s only the tip of the list. 


Edited by J. Alan Erwine


Published by Sam’s Dot Publishing

I’m pleased to announce that in just a few weeks from now The Martian Wave is going to finally be a print magazine focused around good, hard, interplanetary SF and space opera.  I’m talking tales of other worlds and alien life — and I’ll be in their premiere issue with… Well, what else? Something about Mars! This also begins a three-story arc of Mars-related shorts I wrote due out between 2009 and 2010.  So stay tuned!


I’ll provide ordering information and cover art when the time comes (love the new logo, by the way).  Naturally, this magazine will be available through The Genre Mall.


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The Fifth Di, March 2009… (appearances)

You can now find a heavily researched, post-apocalyptic tale about plagues, the death of the human race, and an alien species trying to save what’s left of mankind in… The current issue of THE FIFTH DI.  March 2009, to be exact.  The narrative is first-person, and comes from the perspective of an extraterrestrial doctor/coroner.  The Andromeda Strain was very much an inspiration here, but I wanted to change it up a bit and make my story otherworldly.  If you like 28 Days Later, you might also like this tale.  The Fifth Di is edited by J. Alan Erwine, and published by Sam’s Dot Publishing.  They’ve been around for years, and I’ve appeared there on up to almost 20 other occasions.

THE FIFTH DI…  Edition No. 11, Issue #1

March 2009; Edited by J. Alan Erwine

Cover Art: "After the Fall" by Mitchell Davidson Bentley

Cover Art: "After the Fall" by Mitchell Davidson Bentley

 Hope aboard and read “The Plague Planet”.  Click below:

Fiction & Poetry by: Lawrence R. Dagstine, Robert E. Porter, Rick Novy, Joshua Allen, Eric Penner Haury,  Scott Virtes, Shelly Bryant, Jaime Lee Moyer, G.O. Clark, and John Nichols

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The Fifth Di, December 2007… (appearances)

Now appearing in the December 2007 edition of The Fifth Di…, final showings of my short alternate history tale, “Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine“.  I found this Alice pic below cool, so I put it up instead of a regular banner.  It represents one of my favorite authors I like to write about; one of my three favorite since I was an early teenager.  The other two being Kurt Vonnegut and Isaac Asimov.

THE FIFTH DI… (December 2007)


“Lewis Carroll and the Time Machine”


Featuring Fiction and Poetry by: Lawrence Dagstine, Mark Allan Gunnells, John Bushore, Terrie Leigh Relf, Marge Simon, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, and Sarah Wagner.  Edited by J. Alan Erwine.  With opening tuppence by Tyree Campbell. 

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Oh yeah, almost forgot… You’ve already seen the Halloween 2007 pictures (the kid’s first trick or treat).  Here’s what Thanksgiving looked like with the in-laws.  Well, the turkey at least.  I’ll add them to the ‘Unplanned Parenthood‘ album when I’m done.


This year we had a 19-pounder.  Nice looking bird, isn’t it?


And then the table set-up for the side dishes, of course.

Happy Holidays, Everyone…

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