Silverthought Press, May 2008… (acceptance)

My most recent acceptance comes to the May update of Silverthought Press Online, and it should last straight through the end of June.  In total, this would be my 59th acceptance with them — yes, that would be correct, fifty-nine — over the past three years.  Silverthought is not only an online webzine and peer review/writing discussion forum, but ALSO an independent publisher of high quality novels and anthologies.  They’re well known for breeding talent in the short story arena.  And they’re now a paying press, too. 

Silverthought Online; May 2008

May 2008’s update features fiction by: Kimberly Raiser, Gayla Chaney, Lawrence R. Dagstine, Thomas Henry Dylan, Isaiyan Morrison, Justin Oldham, Mike Philbin, Pavelle Wesser, and excerpts of David S. Grant’s new books and an exclusive interview with the author.

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