Nova SF #20… (3rd appearance; coming soon)

This week’s plug goes out to NOVA SF. Editor Wesley Kawato puts out a stellar little print publication filled with stories of the “beyond” and bestowed with elements of religion. The combination of hard SF and the Bible make for an interesting mix.  Both Jupiter SF and Nova SF are the longest running and best small press print pubs out there today for this particular genre, too.  Sample issues below:

nova_15mini.jpg nova_16.jpg nova_17mini.jpg nova_18mini.jpg


“NOVA Science Fiction Magazine is a hard copy science fiction magazine with stories about space travel, time travel, alternate history and more.”

Yep, that’s what their site says, and they pay ‘1/2 cent per word’ up to 10,000 words for your best hard SF/religious SF.  I’ll be making my “THIRD” print appearance with them, Issue #20.  Don’t know if I got the lead story or cover art yet.  Between 2005 and 2006, I first appeared in Issue’s #15 and #18.  Here are their covers:


Nova SF #15, 2005: “Noah from Mars” by Lawrence Dagstine


Nova SF #18, 2006: “Men are from Ganymede, Women are from Callisto”

Issue #20 is scheduled for mid-to-late Fall 2007.  Wesley Kawato called me a small press veteran in Issue #18, so yeah, he deserves this plug.  If you need submission guidelines, subscription rates or other info for this wonderful semi-annual, here’s that link again:

And last but not least, “Written Word Online Magazine #4″ ( went live today.  My byline got spelled wrong again.  It should be Dagstine, not Digstine.  Magazines tend to mistake me for the supermarket chain, D’agostino’s, too. 😦