The Martian Wave, acceptance… (Summer 2007)

Originally slated for December, my old story (I penned it quite some years ago), “Frontier to Benevolence, will now appear in the July (or Summer 2007) edition of The Martian Wave.  Go here:

I also have a story in the April (spring) edition.  The reprinted, “Jupiter’s Child.”  They’re a webzine dedicated to the exploration and colonization of space. Like Star Wars or Doctor Who, it’s just another thing which got me into reading and writing SF in the 80’s and 90’s.  Colonizing other worlds.  Yeah, you’re looking at an author who used to support almost all of Carl Sagan’s theories and was a member of The Planetary Society (laughs to self).


The Martian Wave is just one of many great small press publications I’ve been in over the years, put out by Sam’s Dot Publishing (  Other print or online titles by them include Aoife’s Kiss, The Fifth Di…, and Champagne Shivers.  Oh, and also their annual “Best Of” anthologies…such as Wondrous Web Worlds.

Anyway, be sure to check out The Martian Wave.  Until next time… Peace… 😉