Tales of the Talisman 3.1 (Summer 2007)

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June 25th is almost here, and I’m excited.  Tales of the Talisman, Issue 3.1, will be a great issue.  You know why yet? Because it features a story of mine.  An updated version of my SF tale, “The Ice Mines of Pluto”, which first appeared back in early 2006 in The Fifth Di (http://samsdotpublishing.com/fifth/cover.htm), and also on the speculative fiction site, Silverthought (www.silverthought.com).

Anyway, after three publishing credits on my Ice Mines piece, I’m happy to finally be part of Tales of the Talisman.  It had been a goal of mine to make it into this magazine for close to seven years, even back when it was called Hadrosaur Tales.  But I finally did it.


The magazine is published quarterly with full color covers and ISBN, sold and read almost everywhere in the world (or at least where genre magazines are sold), and it’s edited and put together by David Lee Summers.  Why not check them out.  Below you’ll find a superb looking preview of the upcoming cover art (hope I made cover!) and a link to their site.



Issue 3.1, featuring: “The Ice Mines of Pluto” by Lawrence R. Dagstine

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