Jupiter SF (Coming July 2007)

A few weeks ago I got my fourth acceptance to UK’s renowned small press publication, Jupiter SF.  It’s a very well put together magazine, been around for over 4 years.  When the issue comes out I’ll provide a direct link and cover, but for now visit their homepage for more information: www.jupitersf.co.uk

You’ll be glad you did.  Editor Ian Redman runs a quality ship with this one.  And here are my three previous acceptances to his publication…

  jupiter12.jpg  jupiter13.jpg  jupiter15.jpg

Issue #12, Ananke, I appear with: “The French Nobleman of Neptune”

Issue #13, Leda, I appear with: “A Sad Day for Astronauts”

Issue #15, Adrastea, I appear with: “Living Amongst the Lizards”

Issue #17, Unknown Jupiter Name Yet, will be: “A Soul to the Stars”

A Soul to the Stars, a story dedicated to my unborn son, has also been commissioned for a second printing in March 2008, in Aoife’s Kiss.