Lawrence Dagstine, Archives 2007… (Merry X-Mas)


And with this post, I would like to wish everyone who visits here a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy New Year.  2008 is just around the corner, and unless there’s some kind of miracle in the air, I highly doubt I’ll score another acceptance or appearance until early January.  If it happens, eh, I’ll post it.  Otherwise, it can wait till the confetti settles. 

For your reading pleasure, I’ve added a story to the ‘Short Fiction Sample’ section.  The name of it: ‘Our Family Awaits’. I’ve also added a new page called About Me. Eventually, a much shorter author bio will go there and replace what’s in Bibliography now.  Then, bibliography will become a place for me to list publication dates and names of magazines & zines from May 1996 to the present.  Yep, the old switcheroo and chronological listing!


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The above is just a shortened recap of the last six months of this blog.  Not a bad year.  In the last 15 months, I’ve gotten 85 acceptances to paying, print, and online venues.  People ask me why I do it.  Why write short stories? I have a better question.  Why not? All that matters in life is you do what you love.  Happiness makes the world go round… 

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