The Willows Magazine… (acceptance)

Today brings in acceptance no. 270, batting in a decent lifetime average, to The Willows – Atmospheric Horror and Dark Fantasy Magazine.  Think Weird Tales.  Think Lovecraft, Poe, Blackwood, Machen, but pre-war.  Think Anglo-American, Art Deco, Atmosphere to top it off.  And you’ve got yourself a vibe going for The Willows Magazine… 



Editorial staff includes Ben Thomas and Skadi meic Beorh.  I urge everyone to take a peek and try them out.  They are a paying publication, published quarterly.  The kind of stories you’d find someone reading in a turn of the century gentlemen’s lounge.  Below is a sample issue, to give you an idea what they look like; I’ll be appearing in a future issue.


Other New Entries: “Bibliography, Magazine Credits”