Beyond Centauri, July 2008… (2 print acceptances!)

Today brings in TWO print acceptances.  No. 279 and 280 on the road to 300.  Both tales were accepted by Sam’s Dot Publishing.  The first one, a reprint entitled The Romance of Vegada, which will go into the February 2008 Print Issue of “Sounds of the Night”.

Next, we have a young adult speculative fiction story called I Want My Alien Back, which will go in the July 2008 issue of Beyond Centauri. The kids should enjoy the humorous end of that one.  Below you will find a “Sample Cover” of what Beyond Centauri looks like:


Beyond Centauri:

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Purpleverse #3… (the final issue; coming soon)

Word arrived this evening that the final issue of Purpleverse, Issue #3, will be coming out sometime in December.  Authors will include Darren Randle, P.S. Gifford, Faye Sizemore, Bas de Jong, Caleb L. Mabry, Mark R. Masters, and Lawrence Dagstine.  Chris Kinney’s Lunacy Machine will decorate the interior pages, from what I’ve read.  Joseph Pocs and Zach Pennington get together for the cover art and interior illustrations.


Darren Randle has already shut down the forums and main homepage, but you can still befriend them and learn more at MySpace:

I’ll post them again, along with back issues, when the last issue officially hits…

Other New Entries: “Magazine Credits”